Sugarloaf Man Facing Charges for Stealing Meatballs

Courtesy: Rob Briscoe / Flickr

HAZLE TOWNSHIP — A case of missing meatballs lead to charges in Luzerne County.

Police say the victim discovered a pot of meatballs he left in a garage was empty on the street near Hazleton on Monday.

The homeowner found Leahman Potter, 48, outside covered in red sauce.

The man from Sugarloaf is now locked up on burglary charges in Luzerne County.


  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Don’t let this happy headline fool you. The guy had NO BUSINESS in someone’s home (yes, the garage is considered part of a home), and was looking for something of value to steal. He couldn’t find anything so he cut his losses and ate the meatballs. Let him go to a homeless shelter if he’s starving.

  • Blister Licker

    Meanwhile…….42 illegal aliens and 10 pounds of black tar heroin just entered Hazleton. Nice job coppers!

  • Rusty Knyffe

    A case of missing meatballs. Woodward / Bernstein tier, here.

    For crissakes. The “thief” was most likely hungry, as *MOUSE* posted, and leveling charges against someone for eating food takes us back to Medieval justice. Sheeeeeeeeesh (massive face-palm)

  • Mouse

    Why was there meat balls and sauce in a crock pot in the garage to start . maybe this man was hungry n had no food and or a home. Yes he shouldn’t have entered n stole food . but as long as he wasn’t on drugs ..drunk ..aggressive .. holding a gun to your head or smashed in a door to get in.. Whats the big deal . and to be arrested over eating meatballs. Locked up in jail… Sad.. But at least he has 3 main course meals a day a place out of the weather and a bed to sleep in at least he is safe now.

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