Spring Cleaning in February in the Poconos

STROUDSBURG -- Two "1-800 GOT JUNK" trucks sat outside a home on Scott Street in Stroudsburg. The homeowner says she took this warm February day as an opportunity to do something she normally does in April and May -- spring cleaning.

"I'm on vacation for two weeks and this has been on my mind for about three months, so I finally had some time to do it," said Nanci Kline, Stroudsburg.

With temperatures nearing 60 degrees in this part of the Poconos, we found plenty of people outside doing everything from clearing out clutter to even washing fire trucks at Stroudsburg Volunteer Fire Department on Sarah Street.

"Well, I'd rather be skiing, to be honest, but it's good. It gets us caught up on a lot of the neglect we let go over the winter," said Lt. Mehmet Barzev, Stroudsburg Volunteer Fire Department.

Many people we spoke to say they hope this version of winter sticks around with no snow surprises in the next few months. This way, they can get a lot of work done before spring gets here.

"I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to be able to do some spring cleaning, but no, it's beautiful to have this kind of weather in February, absolutely," said David Waterbury.

Waterbury, from Stroudsburg, took his dog for a walk before he started some outdoor cleaning of his own. He hopes this weather sticks around.  But after the blizzard last March, he thinks anything can happen.

"I mean, I hope it's here to stay but often times, winters like these, they come bite you on the backside in April or something with a big snow storm. I hope that doesn't happen," said Waterbury.