Three Juveniles Arrested After Threats Made Against North Schuylkill High School

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP — Police in Schuylkill County have arrested three juveniles after online threats were made against North Schuylkill Junior/Senior High School.

North Schuylkill School District officials say a threatening post was made on social media over the weekend, warning of an attack at the high school on Monday. Police investigated and determined the threat was not credible.

The high school remained open Monday.

Butler Township police arrested the individuals responsible, according to the district’s superintendent.

The names of the juveniles who have been charged have not been released. Butler Township police said they are students at the high school, and the charges stem from two separate incidents.

Police said additional incidents are still under investigation.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    It’s as I, and many others, have typed: kids are going to start spending LOTS of time behind bars for making threats. And, it’s the parents of these children who are not paying attention to what they’re doing or how they’re acting that are to blame. Doping up kids with Ritalin and Adderall to manage active, creative, and energetic people is NOT the answer. The FDA (friend to mankind) needs to get these drugs off of the market and parents need to begin being parents.

    Your kids don’t need cell phones. They don’t need video game consoles. They don’t need computers. What children need is two parents, working together, to raise a human soul into productive, ethical, accountable, and responsible adults.

    What we have is an entire generation that has no concept of consequences, is encouraged to “express themselves” to their own detriment, and whining, self-absorbed perma-infants. Kids have always made threats. Kids have always tussled and fought between one another. Kids have always worked to assert their place in the world. And, they used to be guided by two parents – a man who demonstrated what was expected from a male figure, and a female that demonstrated what was expected of a female figure. Shit has gone to hell in a flaming handbasket, and it has happened within a blink of an eye. Kids are not being taught or guided. They’re being ……… managed.

    I am so, so glad that I am not trying to raise kids in this generation. I’m even more grateful that I had a NORMAL childhood when playing outdoors took the place of FaceTube and video games. What a wretched world it’s become.

  • gutterratt

    Idiots Parents? I am curious how the parents of all these kids that are pulling this garbage intend to ensure they stop playing stupid games with people’s lives for the sake of negative attention! SO lame!

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