Nittany Lion Statue’s Ear Broken During State Patty’s Day Festivities

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- The iconic Nittany Lion statue at Penn State's main campus was damaged over the weekend.

It happened during the school's State Patty's Day festivities.

Every year, thousands of students and alumni make their way to the iconic Nittany Lion shrine.

Brendan Erwin of Bloomsburg has just been accepted at Penn State, so of course, he had to snap a picture with the lion.

The selfies these Penn State fans are taking right now will look a little different than usual because the lion has a damaged ear.

"It's a shame that someone would damage such a landmark that means so much to so many people," Erwin said.

According to Penn State University, the statue was damaged over the weekend during the State Patty's Day celebration.

A group called police after they found one of the statue's ears broken off and on the ground.

"I'm happy to know that there are people who cared enough to turn in the ear to police and kind of keep the spirit alive," said Penn State senior Jenn Heckman.

Penn State's website shows pictures that were taken from surveillance cameras that surround the statue. According to the school, university police were able to identify the two people in them for questioning.

"I think they are definitely going to find out whoever it was and they are going to be facing some serious consequences," Erwin added.

It's not the first time the statue has been damaged. The shrine has lost its ear three times over the years. The first time was back in 1978.

"Even though someone took the ear off, the lion still stands strong. It's still a landmark. It shows how strong Penn State is. We are," Erwin said.

Police are still investigating. Plans to restore ear are still being made.

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