Neighbors Make GoFundMe Page to Raise Money for County to Fix Potholes

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ROSS TOWNSHIP— There are so many potholes on one road in Ross Township that residents aren’t even waiting for crews to come fix the problem.

Neighbors created a GoFundMe page on their own to raise money to give to the county for road repairs.

It’s a bumpy ride on Main Road in Ross Township near Sweet Valley. Luzerne County road crews were out on Monday cold patching some of the potholes.

Residents, however, had already taken matters into their own hands by creating the GoFundMe page to fix the road.

“It's actually ridiculous crossing the road. Every time I go on it, it's like, I hold onto the seat because I know there's about to be a bunch of bumps coming,” Allison Sebia said.

Luzerne County Manager David Pedri said road crews were scheduled to be there on Monday anyway and that this work wasn't brought on by the GoFundMe page.

Nonetheless, people who live nearby said they're happy the road conditions here are getting some publicity.

“I hope that this will draw attention to the fact that this is horrible what has happened. It's horrible,” Linda Hardik said.

The page hasn’t collected any money yet. County leaders said they’re not even sure they can take the money if any is raised.

People who live nearby just hope it gets better soon.

“You have to stop and let the traffic on the opposite side of the road pass so that you can get on the illegal side of the road to get down the road,” Hardik said.

Once hot patch becomes available, county road crews will be back for a more permanent fix.

“When it becomes damaged again it's incredible how long it's going to take them to do this, how much it's going to take, if they would just do it right the first time,” Hardik said.

The road won’t be completely repaved until next year.

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