Man Arrested for Shooting Dog in the Face

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POTTSVILLE --  Anthony Holmes, 30, of Pottsville is charged for shooting a dog in the face over the weekend.

The dog is still in a vet hospital with serious injuries.

"Pure rage," Hillside SPCA Assistant Manager Tricia Moyer-Mentzer said. "I have no idea what would possess anyone to go into a home, shoot someone else's pet for whatever reason."

Pottsville Police said it was 30-year-old Anthony Holmes who shot the dog at an apartment on West Market Street in Pottsville over the weekend.

The dog, a 10-year-old German Shepard mix named Diddy, belonged to Holmes' friend. According to arrest papers, Holmes was inside the apartment and got angry when the dog began to bark at him, so he got his gun and shot the dog.

Both the dog and Holmes ran from the home after the shooting. A Hillside SPCA worker found Diddy wandering the streets and took him to a vet.

"They said that he was very lucky to even be alive," Moyer-Mentzer said. "He was shot in his face. The bullet is still lodged in his face."

Diddy's owner couldn't afford to treat the injuries and left him with the SPCA. Workers said Diddy is in very serious condition. They are unsure if he will be able to see out of his right eye.

"It's gruesome," Moyer-Mentzer said. "I just can't understand what goes on in someone's mind to just think it's OK to just shoot an animal directly in the face. It's animal cruelty. That's what that is."

SPCA workers are taking donations from the public to help cover Diddy's medical costs. Click here to donate.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Yes, this fellow appears to be a responsible gun owner whose weapon of choice was certainly obtained, legally, and duly registers as required, by Law.

    Shoot his assbutt in the face with some rounds of rock salt. Effing dindu.

      • Rusty Knyffe

        Hey, HAL? You’re way off your mark with any mention of NRA made in conjunction with the above-named idiot.

        State your case as to how this man represents all responsible gun owners. Please. Unless, of course, you just lump everyone into one category and are, therefore, a prejudiced bigot. Seems to be the hallmark of the alt-left loony to post wild accusations and presumptions without an ounce of sensible dialogue. Begone.

      • Blister Licker

        Hal, you’re just digging yourself a deeper hole. Especially with your last post. Who cares if you’re ex-cop or ex-military?

      • Rusty Knyffe

        HALDONAHUE, when all else fails, pull out the ex-officer or veteran card to prove your point. I come from a long, long line of career military that served in every war from the Spanish American to the ongoing Middle East matters, and not one of them would make such a ridiculous statement about the NRA, responsible gun owners, or using a firearm to innocent creatures. All of my forefathers are interred in a National Cemetery and there is raw earth above their graves due to them spinning where they’re buried. You, sir, are a buffoon and I cannot fathom how you’ve managed to turn on an electronic device, set up a comment account, and post a remark, at all. You’re not an ex-anything. You’re an instigator.

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