Man Accused of Stealing from Store and Ramming Police Car

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SHENANDOAH -- A man faces felony charges including aggravated assault and burglary in Schuylkill County.

Police say Keith Herbert of New Jersey broke into the Unity Café on East Centre Street in Shenandoah around 1:15 a.m. Monday.

Court papers show that Herbert was seen on surveillance video breaking the front door's glass with a rock.

Once inside, police say he stole the cash drawer from the register, packs of cigarettes, and a package containing 50 Bic lighters.

“Here they come and break in, and they think that Parrey there, that works hard every day, that they can take her livelihood away, and they didn't get away with it,” said customer Buddy Yates. “Our police department is up on things in this town.”

“It's a small town. It could be vulnerable compared to the city,” said customer Joe Glowacki. “Probably people think it's an easy robbery, an easy take, and they come here, and they think they'll get away with it easier.”

Cashier Parrey Patel says the store was closed at the time.

“Broke into my register and picked up the money and broke the door and some cigarette cartons,” said Patel.

Police say a neighbor heard Herbert breaking in and called 911.

Robert Row says that person is his wife.

“And she looked out, and she says she sees that guy dressed in black, busting in the door,” said Row.

Responding officers say they threw on their emergency lights as they saw Herbert driving away.

Police say Herbert rammed their vehicle head on with his car.

“She said he pulled out here, next thing you know, cop car come down, and they hit each other, right here,” said Row. “She said it just happened so fast, and then he got out and took off, and they chased after him.”

Herbert was caught quickly. Police say he told them he had used marijuana, cocaine, and heroin before the break-in.

“I guess he went behind there, she said. She said she waited out here to wait for them to catch him or not,” said Row.

Along with the charges in Schuylkill County, Shenandoah police say Keith Herbert has several warrants in New Jersey.


  • Wayne S (@Wayneskook)

    Between the outdated infrastructure, blight, row home fires, group beat downs, police corruption and the influx of uneducated row home inhabitants the last 15 years . Shenandoah might be in for a revitalization soon. Sedco count me in! beautiful area! keep those taxes a rising.

  • Blister Licker

    Keith is a worthless, jobless, ghetto thug from New Jersey. Kick him out of Pa. for life. The police had the legal right to shoot and kill Keith when he rammed the cop car. Too bad they didn’t. Shenandoah’s best days have come and gone. (If they ever had a good day) WHAT A SH#THOLE!

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