Protesters Show Up Outside Gun Rights Dinner

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WESTFALL TOWNSHIP -- As hundreds of gun rights supporters gathered at an event in the Poconos, a small group of protesters showed up outside.

The "President Trump Thank You" dinner at the Best Western near Matamoras was organized by the Moon family to benefit group Gun Owners of America.

The Moons also run Sanctuary Church in Wayne County. It's an offshoot of the Unification Church founded by their father, Sun Myung Moon.

A few protesters gathered outside the dinner. Originally, the Delaware Valley Democratic Club was scheduled to hold a vigil and protest in response to the dinner, but organizers decided to cancel it because they were afraid of being hurt.

Still, some came out in the rain to show their opposition to what is taking place inside.

Rev. Moon spoke to the media in support of arming teachers to solve the problem of gun violence in schools. Newswatch 16 spoke with two teachers outside the dinner who are very opposed to the idea.

"It's not going to solve the problem. I'm more worried and concerned that the student could take a gun off of us if we were armed," said Glen McCalbe of Milford.

"Think of how many times you can't find your keys. You can't find your coffee cup. You have kids doing this. You have kids doing that. There's a loud noise. What is this going to be, the OK Corral? Everybody comes and starts shooting? I mean, it makes no sense," said Mary Lou Deitrich of Middletown, New York.

Both teachers tell Newswatch 16 that the advertisement that went out about this event promoted that an AR-15 would be raffled off, and that is what made them want to come out in the rain, to oppose the use of the AR weapons.


    • Jack Handy

      Those 2 1/2 protesters are a direct result of why our current day society of children act the way they do. It’s only going to decay more and more as the school years pass us by.

  • Richie Ardisson

    We have become a nation divided thanks to the far left attitude of I am right and you are wrong and the past policies of the Obama administration?….The Democratic Party has become the party of the far left…God bless those who attended this blessing and the NRA for standing up to the Socialist movement and the George Soros agenda supported by the vast main stream media.

  • Jack Handy

    A few protesters? LMAO! I think it’s TWO protesters holding a umbrella! Hahaha! Wnep’s agenda NEVER seizes to amaze me. Gotta love it!

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Isn’t it intriguing that WNEP has run over half a dozen articles on this one event. Does anyone thing that……….oh………..there’s any sort of agenda, here?

    People who fear weapons need to become educated about them. Learning about them doesn’t mean one has to embrace gun ownership or even *like* a firearm. Knowing what classifies any firearm as an “assault” weapon, and what the standards are might really, really help the general (and, ignorant) public come to understand that the responsible, law-abiding gun owner isn’t the person that they need to fear. Whom they NEED to be concerned about is the mentally ill neighbor and the gang bangers.

    The nameless shooter in Florida would never have followed through with his plans if the FBI had acted on their foreknowledge. It is possible that fewer people would have died if Law Enforcement hadn’t hesitated to go into the building.

    People. You need to calm down, especially anyone coming to PA from out of state to antagonize and inflame public fears and the sense of helplessness.

    • Rusty Knyffe


      You’d imagine that the new Word Press ID platform might also have included a frigging EDIT option for comments. (eye roll)

  • Mary Jo Fortuner

    So 3 people is a “group” of protestors? Boy are you reaching for it here. What a flop. If I get my 2 best friends to go protest the “cultural appropriating” Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s with me will you come video us? What a joke.

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