Teen Arrested for Having Weapons on School Property

NANTICOKE — A high school student was arrested Thursday for having weapons in his car on school property.

Investigators say a school officer noticed an ax on the floor of a car at Greater Nanticoke Area High School.

Police searched the vehicle and found two knives and a hatchet.

Officers have charged Dylan White, 18, of Nanticoke with possession of a weapon on school property.


  • William Kelly (@bkstar1960)

    I was a Scoutmaster for years & many of my scouts carried such “TOOLS” in their vehicles; especially when they would be leaving school to go on a camp out. Evil is in the heart, not in the tool. You people are beginning to jump at shadows & it’s really sad. I worked for a TV station in Binghamton Ny for 29yrs. & I’m ashamed to admit it. There is no more equality in reporting it is all biased towards whatever they deem as unworthy.. Even the title is biased; an axe & knives sitting in a vehicle are not “weapons” until someone actually uses them as such. An axe & knives are “Tools” ..

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