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Mayor Creates Safety Commission

WILLIAMSPORT -- The mayor of Williamsport is taking the initiative to make schools safer across Lycoming County.

On Friday, Mayor Gabriel Campana announced the start of Williamsport's school safety commission.

Mayor Campana tells us people have been calling all week with tips on how schools can better protect students. It's how he came up with the idea for this new group.

"Some of our nation's schools have become a house of horrors. School shootings must not happen here or anywhere," the mayor said during the announcement.

It's why, with law enforcement, parents, and former teachers by his side, Mayor Campana announced plans to form a school safety commission

It's all in response to the recent deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

"This is just a way of the government reaching out and to say what can we do to help."

In hopes of hearing ideas from the community, Mayor Campana has planned an open forum in Williamsport next month to discuss plans on how to create safer schools. The mayor says everyone in the county is invited and welcome to give their suggestions. That includes students.

"We think as adults we have all the answers and they have none. Their voices must be heard. It's time," Rev. Ronald James said.

"I know people care but I don't know if they will get involved, and that's the most important thing -- be involved," said former teacher Kathleen Stiber.

"I would do it because I think they need more control so the kids don't walk in there and just start shooting," Dawn Rooker said.

Dawn Rooker's daughter is in seventh grade and she's hopeful the safety commission can make a positive impact and perhaps be an answer to her concerns.

"It's getting very scary to even send a child to school because you don't know if they are going to make it back home the same day," said Rooker.

"By doing nothing, I'm part of the problem. Trying to do something is helping," Stiber said.

"Stop crying, stop lying, stop cheating. Let's get working," added Rev. James.

The first meeting will be on March 7 at the Trade and Transit Center in Williamsport.