16 To The Rescue: Miracle

This pup doesn't realize it, but she's a survivor. Miracle is an 8-month-old boxer with Adopt A Boxer Rescue, who came from a puppy mill.

"She has four crushed vertebrae which was probably done when she was born at the puppy mill when her mom died and her siblings died. She was the only sole survivor of the whole litter," said Colleen Paskert, a volunteer with Adopt A Boxer Rescue.

The medical issue causes her to be a bit wobbly.

"She does have some issues with her back, with walking, she stumbles a little bit. As she grows older, we have to keep an eye on it because it might start to constrict her spine, which might potentially, but hopefully not, potentially become paralyzed."

If that happens, she'll have to have surgery, but if things stay the same, she won't need it.

"Although she stumbles, she's a typical boxer, she's loving, she's kind, she loves to play, she loves to cuddle, she loves to learn."

And she loves to give those slobbery boxer kisses.

Miracle will need a calm home with very few steps and laidback dogs since she isn't allowed to play rough.

"Whoever gets her is going to get an absolutely fabulous dog," Paskert said. "She's very strong and I think she'll continue to be strong, and survive through all of it."

If you are interested in adopting Miracle, contact Adopt A Boxer Rescue.

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