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Teen from Monroe County Dies from Flu Complications

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A teenager from the Poconos has died due to flu-related complications.

Robert Welter, 16, from the Tobyhanna area died earlier this week at a children's hospital in Delaware.

Welter's parents say he started to feel sick last week with flu-like symptoms. He was admitted to that hospital in Delaware on Saturday and he died on Monday.

His parents are now sending a message to others about the dangers of this flu season.

"It was attacking his pancreas; his kidneys had stopped working. It's such a sad thing to see a 16 year old die from," said Robert's father Kenneth Welter.

Robert's parents tell Newswatch 16 the teen started to feel sick late last week. He received medical attention locally but was sent to a children's hospital in Delaware on Saturday.

By Monday, the illness had taken over his body.

"People, if you can learn from this, save your children so you don't have to go through what me and my husband are going through with this flu," said Robert's mother Karen Welter.

Robert played the trombone at Pocono Mountain West High School. He enjoyed being with family and friends and would often be spotted wearing his favorite black fedora hat.

His father says besides having a few minor health issues, his son was a healthy teenager.

Just two weeks ago, Kenneth says Robert even got the flu shot but believes it wasn't enough.

"I just wish that they would get a serum for this soon or a cure because no child deserves to die like that," Kenneth said.

"He was just wonderful and I just miss him a lot," Karen added.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Welter family with funeral arrangements and other medical costs.


  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    The people that die “from the flu” don’t die from the flu. The flu shot is incredibly dangerous, then they get sick from it, then they’re given tylenol and Tamiflu and they get worse and often die. It’s not the flu. Most everyone knows this but no one involved will ever publicly say it because they make so much money off this by keeping people scared and in the dark. Look up the flu shot ingredients, then look up the VAERS then look up the payouts from the vaccine injury court for flu injury and deaths.

  • Maria McKenna

    “Just two weeks ago, Kenneth says Robert even got the flu shot but believes it wasn’t enough.” Perhaps we should consider that this new strain FEEDS off the vaccine? I know, sounds crazy, but is it?

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