Teacher Encourages Creativity by Letting Students Draw on Her White Dress

OKLAHOMA - An elementary school teacher in Oklahoma, Haley Curfman, took "art class" to the next level.

Usually, when dressed in all white, a room full of second graders equipped with paint and markers sounds like a nightmare.

For Ms. Curfman, it sounded like a moment of opportunity to allow kids to express their creativity.

The second grade teacher works with students at a school without art programs. So, for this project, she allowed students to draw or write something that "made them happy" on her plain white dress.

β€œI think every teacher should do this!,” she wrote on her Facebook page. β€œIt's a great project and an even better keepsake.”

Ms. Curfman said her favorite designs include a marshmallow man, hearts, and rainbows. She also received a lot of sweet notes from her students on the dress.

She posted the finished dress on Facebook and quickly found out that a lot of teachers across the nation do the same thing.


  • Fun facts

    Why do I suspect Ms. Curfman is more interested in the glamorous attention & publicity she is receiving than anything else.

  • Shut It Down

    TEACHERS. GET OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media has destroyed living in the moment, and everyone is waiting and planning to create the next internet viral sensation from dying patients getting married hours before they expire to kids recording a drowning man while they taunt him in his last moments.

    Nobody cares about how casual this teacher’s relationship is with her students. They SHOULD because she is not standing in any type of authority but attempting to remain “one of the kids,” and she’s an IDIOT for doing so. You cannot be buddies with people that you’re trying to teach. You can’t.

    Social media is poison. Our own President needs to stay off of social media, as well. It has NOT helped him, in any way.

  • Tebow

    Can I draw on it? I would like to have the sweater puppet area and make sure I get a firm grip on the canvas so I can draw straight lines and accurate circles. Next week on WNEP, teacher accuses student of assault as he drew on her white dress with inappropriate behavior.

  • warningfakenews

    “She posted the finished dress on Facebook and quickly found out that a lot of teachers across the nation do the same thing.”

    Yeah, getting the female teachers to keep their clothes on has indeed been a bit of problem, lately.

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