Return to Winter After Taste of Spring

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- We had record-breaking warmth with highs in the 70s on Wednesday, and a day later, some parts of our area saw a coating of fresh snow and ice.

As Newswatch 16 traveled north, what started as rain turned to sleet then snow in Susquehanna County and the trip on Route 171 became slippery.

A day fit for outside dining Wednesday at Arlo's Tavern near Union Dale was a different story on this day.

"Our bartender called off so I'm working, but people came in even though I didn't turn on the lights!" Frank Freno said.

Those loyal customers were the only customers as the snow piled up outside, looking much more like February than it did a day before.

"Yesterday [Wednesday] was beautiful, 78 degrees, I was in Scranton for most of the day. Today [Thursday], not so much. It just changed over to pretty much ice right now, and everything is a sheet of ice."

People in Susquehanna borough say the Peoples Security Bank thermometer topped out in the mid-60s on Wednesday, but it didn't get above freezing on Thursday.

Jeff Branning had the job keeping the sidewalks clear in front of the Moose Lodge in town.

"Oh! Total inverse, it's just backwards," Branning said. "Just got to keep up with it."

Spring and winter in less than 24 hours -- something Branning says is a trademark of northeastern Pennsylvania weather.If you don't like the weather, it will change in half an hour."

We'll be waiting for it to change back.