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Prison Term for DUI Driver who Killed Pedestrian

HONESDALE -- A woman learned her punishment on Thursday for killing a pedestrian in Wayne County.

April Porecca was sentenced to one to five years in jail for DUI and involuntary manslaughter in the death of Daniel Gregorsky.

She pleaded guilty last month to hitting Gregorsky in June of 2017 after drinking at a bar near Hamlin.

Her sentence comes on what would have been Gregorsky's 36th birthday.


  • The blunt truth

    Everbody has driven intoxicated at least once in life if not several times such as myself. We were all just lucky enough not to have been busted. So stop acting all holy roller and consider yourselves lucky!

  • Tired of Iinjustice

    What about the guy driving ahead of her that had damage to the mirror on his car and asked her if she had seen what was laying in the road when they got to his house? We haven’t heard ANYTHING about him! Seems pretty fishy to me!

  • Cowboy

    DUI (intoxicated, drunk out of you small mind) and you KILL somebody.
    EVERYBODY KNOWS you’re NOT to DRIVE a VEHICLE under the influence of alcohol.
    Sounds like permitted murder to me!


    Unfortunately 5 is the Max in PA for a DUI causing a fatality, even if it was a hit & Run.
    Punishment is worse for other crimes.
    Go Figure !!

    • ozzycoop

      Being punished for being evil is different than being punished for being stupid. Get a clue Sol. You ever hear of something called intent?

      • ozzycoop

        I think maybe take your license though. If you are stupid enough to DUI and someone then you are too stupid to have a license.

      • Taco Salad

        Ozzy, license forfeiture is handled by Penn Dot, and will be included in her punishment – but not her sentencing.

      • Sol Rossenburg

        She is evil !! A good would have stop an call the police not flee the scene!! The guy she hit might still be alive today if she did !! She be outt in 6 months !! A joke

      • Michelle Edwards Devito

        Drinking and driving isn’t JUST being stupid!! Everyone knows what can happen when you drink and drive!! There have been stories about people being killed because of it. So, if you STILL choose to drink and drive knowing that you ‘could’ kill someone is attempting murder. Stop making excuses The Blunt Truth

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