Teen Arrested After Allegedly Making Threats Against Muncy High School

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MUNCY — A threat of violence has a teenage girl in trouble in Lycoming County.

Police in Muncy said a 16-year-old student was arrested Wednesday for threatening to “shoot up” Muncy High School this week.

Several students told officers the girl made the threat on the bus last week.

That 16 year old is now charged with making terroristic threats, which is a felony.

She is locked up in a juvenile detention facility.


    • ummm...

      We can assume ANYTHING without knowing her. That’s why it’s called an “assumption.” We can assume that she is a pretty sick girl to think that this situation is in anyway “funny” or a “joking matter.”

  • 😟

    Here we go again. Another kid making threats just cuz it has happened before. She’s not thinking of the consequences. Kids now a days are so clueless. They aren’t taught about anything. The see this on social media and such so they think it’s ok. They should have an age limit for social media cuz these kids aren’t mature enough to be on there. They post anything and everything. Better yet, they should just get rid of social media. It does more harm than good.

      • 😟

        Didn’t say she said it on social media. They see all the crap on social media and they all post stuff on there. Even if it wasn’t on social media, a threat is a threat and it certainly isn’t funny or cool. Didn’t think at all.

  • me

    So when a mass school shooting happens, that is all you hear for weeks or months till something else happens and then they report over and over about that. do we need to stop reporting so much on all this negetive stuff? I know it is horrible but the kids do not need to hear it everyday. It is all over the radio, TV, social media everywhere, everyday.

  • anonymous

    she is a very nice person and i hate that this happened but it’s done and over with so just let it go, noone got hurt

    • ummm...

      And that is where you are wrong. ‘Letting it go’ would mean sweeping it under the rug and not implementing consequences. Luckily, no one was hurt but there are still consequences to her actions that need to be faced. At one point all of these school shootings were ‘just a thought’ and possibly ‘let go’ and innocent lives were taken. Somehow these kids need to learn.

  • Snarky McFarkleson

    Goes to show you how sick and mentally ill society is, even locally. . . . raise kids to respect other humans and they will go far in life. Now we get to pay for her stay in Juvee. . . . nice. . .

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      If it was up to me, she’d be kept in juvie/psychiatric observation until the school year is over and then make her repeat the grade she’s in.

  • LLoyd Schmucatelli

    Like I said in the Florida kids protest article.

    Kids, I don’t care about your opinions on this.
    You are not emotionally mature enough to have this conversation.

    Point proven by the actions of this little ______.

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