Shenandoah to Remove Parking Meters Downtown

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SHENANDOAH -- Parking meters in downtown Shenandoah will soon be a thing of the past.

"The way the town is now, I think it would be better to get rid of them and try to get more business here," Elaine Mayersky of Shenandoah said.

Shenandoah's borough council president said that the borough doesn't have a meter attendant and the meters aren't in use anymore. So, the plan now is to remove them.

"The meters haven't worked in seven to 10 years, but it'll be nice to see them removed," Francesco's Restaurant owner Francesco Logozzo said. "Maybe to help the streetscape look a little nicer."

The Shenandoah council recently discussed removing the meters at one of its meetings. Removing them means parking would be free downtown as it has been for a while now.

"If they start doing little things by little things and fixing up the town, knock the places down that should be knocked down, it would look a lot nicer," Mayersky said.

The owner of Francesco's Restaurant thinks that removing the meters could encourage residents of nearby communities to visit downtown.

"It would be exciting," Logozzo said. "You know, business helps business."

Shenandoah's borough council wants to sell the meters and their poles to a salvage company so they can make money off of them. Chris Jones, who's lived in Shenandoah all his life, believes selling the meters is a good idea but is not convinced getting rid of them will bring in more business.

"If we could profit off of it, yes," Jones said. "Back in the day, we used to profit because town was filled with business. It's not filled with business anymore."

Shenandoah officials plan to begin soliciting bids for salvage company soon.


  • seen it all

    I don’t know the town, but figure it won’t profit anyone with the cost of removal , these meters are obsolete . Maybe the puerto ricans need something to lean on while selling drugs ?

  • warningfakenews

    Meters exist to give a parking enforcement officer a job and benefits. When no one wants to park downtown anymore because they also drove business elsewhere, the whole dynamic collapses.

    Government existing solely for the purpose of taxation, and when there is no one willing to go along with it….

  • fattystools

    Here’s a suggestion. Get rid of the living, breathing, system sucking trash that accumulates on the Main Street every day and keep the meters. The meters at least serve a purpose.

    • Joe Crea

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