Folks Enjoy Winter Warmup

LEWISBURG -- With record high temperatures in much of our area Wednesday, it was a great day to be outside, especially for February.

One look around Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg and you'd think it was spring. Almost every park bench was filled with people enjoying the warm weather.

"It's beautiful out here today," Melissa Rycroft said. "I couldn't stay inside over lunch."

It's not the February weather everyone is used to seeing around here. It went from snow over the weekend to almost 70 degrees.

Since this is basically the first taste of springlike weather this year, people took advantage and ate, exercised, and played outside.

Kristy Weesie of Selinsgrove brought her son Rylin to the playground in Lewisburg.

"Energy release is the biggest thing. We're just getting some energy out and then we're going to walk over for some frozen ice cream," Weesie said.

Even though people are enjoying this winter warmup, they know it's not going to last.

"I'm enjoying every minute of today and we'll see what happens tomorrow," Rycroft said.

The forecast for Thursday calls for snow, ice, and sleet. This taste of spring won't last long.

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