Florida Massacre Survivors Confront Lawmakers as Other Students Walk Out in Solidarity

Tallahassee, FL — Just one week after surviving a massacre that killed 17 people, grieving students traveled 450 miles to confront lawmakers Wednesday while other students across the state of Florida staged walk-outs and marches in solidarity.

The students speaking to legislators want a ban on semi-automatic weapons and tougher background checks for would-be gun buyers.

“The legislation needs to change, because we’ve fallen victim to lazy legislation for far too long,” student Kai Koerber said.

Koerber is one of about 100 students from Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School meeting with several lawmakers Wednesday.

As students rallied outside the capitol building, thousands of teens from across the state walked out in support of Stoneman Douglas students.

Some walked 10 miles, arm-in-arm, to get to Stoneman Douglas, CNN affiliate WPLG reported.

“We’re exhausted, but couldn’t be prouder to be here,” a senior from Palm Beach County said.

‘We can come here and make a difference’

Stoneman Douglas sophomore Daniel Bishop said he huddled in a corner for 2 1/2 hours as bullets flew in his school last week. He said he wants legislators to listen to his experience.

“Fortunately they weren’t involved in a school shooting, but I was,” Bishop said as he marched to the Florida capitol building Wednesday morning.

“People I know died. My friends died. … If our government was doing something correctly, then we wouldn’t be here today. And I truly believe that we can come here and make a difference if we all just work together to pass bipartisan legislation.”

Police say 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz used an AR-15 style rifle to carry out the attack. He’s in custody and faces 17 counts of premeditated murder.

But the grief-stricken teens suffered a blow Tuesday, when state lawmakers voted 71-36 against a measure to consider a ban on semi-automatic weapons. Legislators did, however, declare pornography to be a public health risk.

Florida lawmakers refuse to debate assault rifles — but say porn is dangerous

“It was just so heartbreaking to see how many (voters’) names were up there, especially after it was my school,” said Sheryl Acquaroli, 16, a junior at Stoneman Douglas.

“It seemed almost heartless how they immediately pushed the button to say no.”

Almost all 71 lawmakers who voted against considering an assault rifle ban have an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

Senior Chris Grady, 19, gave the politicians an ultimatum:

“If you’re not with us, you’re against us, and you’re against saving the lives of innocent children. And we are going to be voting you out,” he said.

Pro-gun student changes mindset

Kyle Kashuv, 16, a Stoneman Douglas student, identifies as a Republican and a conservative. He said he has always been pro-guns, but looks at things differently since the shooting.

“We have such a limited government that should not be totally reliant on … the police. We should be able to defend ourselves as citizens,” he said. “I still totally believe that but I think that there should be a limit to who could acquire such weaponry.”

He said some people should not have access to guns.

“If you’re not of the right mindset, you’re not mentally stable, then you should not be able to acquire that,” he said.

Governor working on proposal

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott held a roundtable on school safety Tuesday, and planned to have a proposal by Friday.

“I am bringing local and state leaders together to find solutions on how to prevent violence in our schools and keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill individuals,” he said.

“This is an urgent matter that we must address quickly.”

‘When we’re not here, we’re at a funeral’

While the survivors are fighting for new legislation hundreds of miles from home, their slain friends and teachers aren’t far from their thoughts.

“When we’re not here, we’re at a funeral,” government teacher Jeff Foster said.

Chris Hixon, an athletic director who also served as the school’s wrestling coach, will be laid to rest Wednesday.

And a visitation will take place Wednesday evening for Aaron Feis, an assistant football coach who died when he threw himself in front of students to shield them from bullets.


    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      It isn’t indoctrination at its core. If it isn’t premeditated in the beginning by the left, it’s manipulated to be that way after the fact.

      Honestly! I would not put it past any far left quacks with enough funding to carry some of these thing
      out in the first place.

      Simply to further the anti gun agenda. Almost like a false flag. Not all of them, but has to be some of them.

      Here come the “I’m a tinfoil hat wearing bigot gun nut” comments in. 3…2…1………

    • Tom

      I can so easily envision Mike and Lloyd riding up to Brokeback Mountain…two older blue-collar white guys who need a little fun and a break from Fox News. Enjoy…

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        You see Tom? Refer to my first response to you. You add nothing. In defense of the left, they need to kick you off their team.

        But if mike and I decide to get freaky, you’ll be in the middle!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    And I know I’m about to set the world record for down votes here, but it needs to be said.

    Kids, I don’t care about your opinions on this. You just suffered a tragedy and are in shock. With that comes wild emotions and inability to make rational decisions.

    It’s no different than the death of a long term spouse. It is said that in those situation, you should make no major life changes for 1-2 years.

    This is similar.

    This subject is too complex for you to understand. I’m sorry this happened. Get back to class.

    • Tom

      I’m pretty sure they don’t care about your opinion either, Lloyd. In fact, I’d bet the ranch on it. Get back to oblivion.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        See my answer to you below. I usually don’t debate down to your level, but if you insist upon it, I will.

    • I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

      Lloyd, no matter how hard it hurts, you’ve written some truths. These matters require maturity and education to discuss, not frayed and raw emotions.

      And, fook the down-votes. Alt-lefties get their panties all torqued up when they can’t rationally defend their views.

  • Are You Kidding!?!

    Actually, I’ve had two deaths in my family by firearms. I’ve also had friends killed in car accidents. I still don’t blame the inanimate object that required human interaction for them to function. Using your feelings to think is no way to go through life.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That is exactly right! Whatever someone commits suicide and kills themselves with a gun, nobody blames the gun!

      • Tom

        Why do so many “men” in this country need to own powerful guns to feel safe, secure and well endowed? Even after its proven these powerful guns quickly and efficiently slay their kids.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        You are an absolute moron. I’ve been reading your posts the last few days and they add nothing to the conversation, even for the left.

        In defense of the left wing folks among us, they need to kick you off their team.
        I’d try explaining the very simple answers to your question, but you clearly would not understand.

  • Truth hurts I know

    Trust me you 2 posters on here ( Are you Kidding, and Bowling for Columbine ) had you a child, or loved one mowed down in a School by an Assault Rifle then you would be for the ban on Assault Rifles ! I have not, but I am for it, to PREVENT future mass carnage from the next Psycho ! And so are MANY OTHER Gun Owners who support an Assault Rifle Ban, and High Capacity Magazine Ban, but the right to retain regular firearms ! BAN Assault Rifles and High Capacity Magazines ASAP ! Save Lives from Mass Carnage !

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Where was all the furor to ban ‘assault-style’ weapons after Congressman Steve Scalise, Zachary Barth, Matt Mika, and Officer Crystal Griner were shot by James Hodgkinson in 2017? Different situation I know, but the shooter used an ‘assault-style’ weapon nonetheless.

  • Are You Kidding!?!

    Where are the questions about 39 LE contacts with the shooter, or how the FBI botched it? Where are the protesters?
    How about the mental health of the shooter?

    Oh, yea, it’s the guns fault.

    • I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

      First of all, these youngsters are being fueled by adult vitriol.

      Next, any firearm can be construed as “semi-automatic.”

      Finally, nobody is promoting or supporting the right for a mental case to bear arms. This fellow should never, ever, EVER have been on the street, let along able to procure a weapon. Where did he get the money to fund his arsenal, hmmmmm??? Has anyone even considered that question? How did he come up with the money to purchase his arsenal? Mommy and/or daddy? Drug revenues? How? How did the FBI drop the ball on this? How did everyone that knew this fellow drop the ball?

      People are running on extreme emotions, right now, and there is far more to this story than just some guy deciding to shoot up a school.

  • Truth hurts I know

    A good start, and I am a proponent of being allowed to have Guns ! But I for one, am totally ok with them BANNING ASSAULT Rifles…. Those are for Military and Law Enforcement, everyday Joe’s can defend our homes, and selves adequately with a Pistol, Shotgun, Single Shot, or Bolt Action Rifle, we do not need High Capacity Magazines, or Assault Rifles to defend or hunt…. This is no consolation, especially for the victims or therse massacres, but had these deranged lunatics had 6 shot revolvers, the carnage would be far less, and the shooters would be more easy for law enforcement to take out… I am for Assault Rife Ban, and High Capacity Magazine Ban, and Bump Stock Ban ! And for the right to still own my regular firearms, and your right also

    • Bowling for Columbine

      The boys at Columbine used no ‘assault rifle’. Two shotguns, a 9mm pistol, and a 10 shot rifle. Yet both managed to get off a combined 188 rounds. So, after your pipe-dream of banning AR’s (Armalite rifles, not assault rifles) goes though and the evil doers start using your defense or hunting guns, what next?

    • Are You Kidding!?!

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      Perhaps the founders also thought that we would be using manual printing presses in 2017.

  • Penn Deutsch

    This kid called David Hogg is a 100% crisis actor. His father is a government worker that works for a defense contractor called “CUBIC Corporation” who’s former FBI and now CIA (with Cubic) that specializes in “UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE TRAINING.” This is why we have CNN in total damage control. If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself.

    • I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

      I knew that he was being schooled because no kid his age speaks using that kind of verbiage. It stank of alt-leftist agenda from the gate, and this explains everything. It might even explain how and why the FBI utterly ignored the killer’s mental health issues, oppositional defiance disorder, and everything else. Oh, my………..

      This also explains why WNEP took down all of the articles about the march and this kid’s interview. Verrrrrrrrrrry suspect, I would say.

  • Gays and guns

    Welcome to the agenda channel, where all your liberal and left-wing dreams come true. If it’s not gays, it’s guns. How about a nice barn fire or child-porn story? Mix it up a little.

  • Black rifles matter

    Why is no one mentioning the fact that people tipped off the FBI, and the local Sheriff has an entire file cabinet full of complaints against the shooter? So, here’s a straw man: let’s say you get your way – AR style rifles are banned. And the next shooting is with a shotgun with buckshot. Are they next on your banned list? I guess everyone forgets about 9/11 and Oklahoma City where no triggers were pulled. Or any of the other vehicle-as-a-weapon ‘incidents’.

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