Substitute Teacher Fired After Video Shows Him Body Slamming a Student

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A substitute teacher in North Carolina was fired this week after a video was posted to Facebook showing him body slamming a student.

The mother of the student at Western Guilford Middle School posted the video of the incident on Facebook Friday. She wrote that the incident happened on Valentine’s Day and that she wants "justice."

Her son, Jose Escudero, told WGHP the incident started over a box of chocolates. The substitute teacher, he says, took them away and threw them in the sink.

Jose says he waited towards the end of class to get them back and that's when an altercation took place.

The 12-year-old says he put the chocolates in his book bag and that's when the substitute teacher tried grabbing it from him. When that didn't work, Jose says the substitute teacher grabbed him by his shirt, pinned him up against the wall and then threw him over his shoulder to the ground.

Jose showed WGHP bruises on his elbow, shoulder and back.

Guilford County Schools spokeswoman Tina Firesheets said the teacher is no longer working for the Guilford County Schools district.

Chief of Staff Nora Carr said, "This kind of behavior toward a student is disturbing and unacceptable. We reported the behavior to law enforcement and will no longer employ this person as a substitute teacher or in any other GCS position." 

Both Jose and his mom say they plan to take legal action towards the school and substitute teacher.

WGHP has not been able to reach the substitute teacher.


  • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

    …………posted in Facebook instead of the Administration knowing about the whole incident. What does that say about the legitimacy of the little boy’s claims? rofl

  • E3zt

    And of course….you don’t see the events unfold in it’s entirety… only have a small portion of what this poor little darlings mom wanted you to see! I’m sure there was a lot more to this story….and I’m sure if the parent would take time to discipline her little bastard kid at home the teacher wouldn’t of had to do it himself.

  • GTX

    And I am sure that smart ass student got just what he deserved. Good Job teacher. If he were my kid he would have got it again when he got home.

    • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

      What’s so laughable is that the mother (no father mentioned) is seeking “justice” for her little darling.

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a 1950’s parochial school, that floating turd would have gone home with a cauliflower ear and the parentS would have been grateful. What a world, what a world….

  • matt edwards


  • DinoB

    “He waited until towards the end of class” and the actual bell ringing that class is over are two different things. Was he disrupting class before?? Did he sit quietly all class?
    What is the students behavior pattern? Another CNN/wnep article leaving more questions. The teacher was wrong, but were his kionnes being busted throughout class? Do reporters ask questions anymore?????

    • People suck

      Even if he was disruptive a child shouldn’t be thrown to the ground by a teacher! There are other ways to handle it.

      • DinoB

        Um, maybe you didnt read my post. I said the teacher was wrong. However, I still maintain that this kid has the teacher to the breaking point. I would love to see the rest of the video, unedited, leading up to the altercation. Point proven is the kid took the candy after the teacher said no……that there libby, is one of the problems. No means NO! Self entitled brats need to learn manners and respect.

      • Ain't Nuthin' Like The Real Thang

        Oh yeah? What are “better ways” to handle a disruptive, unruly, and defiant kid in a classroom where everyone’s taking out their cell phones and recording the event for posterity?

        Kids are running the show, these days. It’s like having inmates run a prison – it just doesn’t work nicely. Look at creatures in the wild. They discipline members of their groups, harshly, and it’s a one-and-done thing. Push the edge of that envelope, and you get rolled over by the alpha. No hard feelings, no civil suits. Just an understanding that everyone has their place. These kids don’t know their places, anymore.

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