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Student in Trouble for Threat in Danville

MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- A teenage student is in custody after he allegedly made threats against students in the Danville Area School District.

It's just the latest reported threat at an area school, less than a week after 17 people were killed inside a school in Florida.

Danville police and school officials assured parents Tuesday there was no threat, and it was safe to go to school. Even so, many parents were very concerned and did not send their children to school.

It looked like a normal school day outside Danville Area High School, but inside, one look around the classrooms told a different story.

"Attendance is down today, but we expected that, and we understand parents' concerns," said Danville Area Superintendent Jason Bendle.

Attendance is down because many parents did not want to send their children to school after a teenage boy in Danville allegedly threatened to shoot students.

"Local law enforcement led the investigation and communicated with me there was no imminent danger," Bendle said.

The superintendent utilized the district's automated calling system to inform parents of the threats. He also told parents it was safe to send their kids to school, but some parents felt there were more questions than answers.

"Does the school district know what I know, what my kids know? Are they taking this seriously? Take that on the heels of what happened in Florida just last week," said T.S. Scott.

Even though messages were sent out district-wide, some parents didn't feel those messages were clear enough and kept their kids home.

"The problem that the parents had, most parents had, they're seeing very concerning things on this side which weren't matching what the school district was putting out," Scott added.

Sharon Mausteller's granddaughter is in middle school in Danville.

"Some of the information was a little unclear. They just were afraid to send her to school. They talked with her and they opted to keep her home today," Mausteller said.

There was extra security at all Danville schools Tuesday morning to ease people's minds.

"The safety and security of all our students has been our top priority, and we have done this with that in mind and taken all precautions and taken the post seriously," Bendle added.

That male student accused of making the threat was taken into custody Monday night. He is at a juvenile facility in the Pocono area. The parents Newswatch 16 spoke with say since he is in custody, they feel better about sending their kids to school on Wednesday.


  • 😟

    Kids now a days don’t think about anything. They post everything on social media. They think making these threats is funny, cool, or whatever and don’t realize there is consequences to their actions. I mean look at all these kids doing that tide pods challenge. I k ow it’s no comparison to making threats but it’s doing stupid stuff without thinking. There are consequences to eating a tide pods. I don’t think a lot parents now a days really teach their children about anything. It’s easier to let them play on their phones, computers and tablets. In my opinion that’s why all of this crap is going on cuz kids are clueless about anything. It’s sad.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    Good. Let him laugh it up in juvie for a few months. He needs it, and it’ll send a message to anyone else that wants to do it.

  • AM Joy Fan

    Bravo!! We have to take the safety of our schools seriously, for all we know this kid could walk in a Wal-Mart and walk out with an assault gun to shoot up the school. What is more important, guns or our kids! #makeAmericasafeagain

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Actually, if he’s under 18, no he can’t and I don’t think Walmart sells them. (The good ones anyway!)
      If he was over 18 and walked in and bought one, it would’ve been obtained legally.

      Let’s not jump to conclusions. We don’t know what kind of threats yet.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Well, CBS did a study, that must be the truth then. No fake news there I guess.

        Ps, my 5 year old could buy cough medicine.

      • A salt riffle

        What’s a salt riffle? Are they those gourmet potato chips I see advertised? I certainly would hope it’s easier to buy a bag of chips versus cough medicine. Some goofy people make meth out of cough medicine.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Ok, it what kind of threats?

    Like I’m gonna kick your azz?

    I asking because I want to know how far off the deep end we’ve went here.

    • Marie Stoves

      A threat is a threat. Whether he threatened to beat someone up or if he threatened to shoot up the school makes no difference. Either way we need to clamp down and put a stop to it. If every bully who made threats of ANY type of violence were prosecuted then maybe at least some of it would stop.
      The days of the school saying they cannot do anything unless action is taken are gone. Zero tolerance actions MUST be taken for all threats no matter how trivial the adults think it is.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Oh Marie, your words. “Clamp down”, “bully”, “zero tolerance”

        Way too much intolerance on your part. We don’t know the threats.

        Was it 2 kids establishing a pecking order like kids naturally not do and someone over reacted? Or was an actual viable threat? Let’s wait and see.

      • A salt riffle

        Since we’re adopting the zero-tolerance policy for things, you’ll have no problem going to jail for the next time you’re caught speeding then, right? After all, driving at a speed faster than others threatens other drivers that are obeying the speed limit.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Gone. Went. Whatever. It’s been a long day arguing with Internet liberals. I could use some of that medical mj.

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