Rallying to Save DACA and the Dreamers

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HAZLETON -- A group of concerned citizens rallied outside Congressman Lou Barletta's office on South Church Street in Hazleton Tuesday, hoping to send a message to President Trump not to end the immigration program known as DACA.

Ed Solenberger of Bloomsburg brought a sign that read “Love Thy Neighbor.”

“That would be your immigrant neighbor. That would be people coming in. There was a time when strangers were welcome here,” said Solenberger.

DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has allowed thousands of young people who came to this country as children to attend school, get work permits and buy homes without the threat of deportation.

Dwayne Heisler from Catawissa organized this rally.

“We made a promise to people who, kids who had come over here, that if they followed the rules and got a job, went to school, served in our military, these are people who are doctors and so forth, that they would be able to stay,” said Heisler.

But with Congress working on immigration reform, President Trump has set a March 5 deadline for DACA to end.

If that happens, those DACA recipients who have been living here basically as regular Americans could be vulnerable to being deported.

Marilyn Calderon from Freeland has worked in immigrant education for a decade. Her clients are mostly Hispanic.

“The first thing that they say, 'Why us? We are coming here to help. We're coming here to work hard,'” said Calderon.

“These are people who pay taxes. These are people who are hardworking. You can't have a violation of any law and stay under DACA. You would be deported,” said Heisler, saying the argument that illegal immigrants are criminals doesn’t make sense.

“It's horrible. You work hard. You're playing by all the rules, and then somebody pulls the rug out from under you,” said Bari Snyder from Shamokin. “It doesn't matter when we came. We're all in the same boat, new immigrants should be welcomed.”

Newswatch 16 did receive a statement from Congressman Barletta.

“We can deal with the DACA recipients, who came to America through no fault of their own, in a compassionate way. First we must prove to the American people that we will never have to deal with the problem of illegal immigration again.”


  • GTX

    Strangers are welcome here. Legal ones. If you think I am going to support a dreamer than it is you that needs to stop dreaming.

  • Don Honda

    Google: troy record
    Ruben Navarette: Dreamers: Don’t let Dems fool you

    “Dreamers, this is your wake-up call. Democrats want you to think they’re in your corner. But it’s not so.

    The Democrats failed you. Don’t let them fool you.”

  • Don Honda

    Is this what to expect from DREAMers?:

    Google: san diego union tribune

    Ruben Navarrette: One Dreamer’s missed lesson in good character

    And just who is the typical DREAMer?

    Google: cis dot org
    Research on Dreamers Contradicts Public Image

    ” 73 percent of DACA recipients he surveyed live in a low-income household (defined as qualifying for free lunch in high school);
    22 percent have earned a degree from a four-year college or university;
    20 percent have dropped out of high school;*
    20 percent have no education beyond high school and no plans to attend college;
    59 percent obtained a new job with a DACA work permit, but only 45 percent increased their overall earnings; and
    36 percent have a parent who holds a bachelor’s degree.”

    Google: chicago tribune
    Don’t buy into all of that rosy PR about DACA

  • Don Honda

    “We made a promise to people who, kids who had come over here, that if they followed the rules and got a job, went to school, served in our military, these are people who are doctors and so forth, that they would be able to stay,” said Heisler. Uh, now we didn’t. It was always a temporary “fix.”

    “You can’t have a violation of any law and stay under DACA. ” DACA applicants were instructed to NOT list any SS#(s) that were used to obtain work, etc. To do so would be admitting to a felony.

  • No free ride

    Dear DREAMERS, It’s not your fault your parents came here illegally, but it’s not our responsibility to take you in and keep you. Let’s say when you were two years old your parents take you out to eat. They tell the waiter they have no money to pay for their meal but would like to have yours for free. Sound fair? Why should other paying patrons foot the bill for you? Sorry, but you’ve got to go. But, you’re welcome to come back as a legal, productive citizen if you so chose.

    • Truth hurts I know

      Democrats think we are Racist, NOPE ! Just wnat our South of the Border Amigos to EARN their Citizenship like my Acestors and most other American Citizens ancestors and current Legal Immigrants did ! Race has NOTHONG to do with it ! Be a LEGAL US Citizen, and help our Country thrive

  • Jeff Woehrle

    The democrat Nancy Pelosi stood all day to support illegal aliens.

    The democrat Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t stand for two minutes for our veterans.

  • Truth hurts I know

    What I don’t get about all of this, is WHY are Children who lived here 30 years, still not a Citizen ? IF you want to stay in this Country and you love it so much, WHY can’t you become a US Citizen ??? Now folks, lets put the shoe on the other foot, lets say Americans were crossing the Borders to sneak into Mexico illegally ? Lets suppose we took over their once nice towns, a lot of us White Folk did stabbings, violent crime, dope etc. and were not Mexican Citizens… Lets say their Stores, started putting ENGLISH alongside the Spanish signs in isles of Hardware Stores, lets say many in their Govt. fought for us Whites to come into their Country illiegally, stay there, and get to be DREAMERS, food stamps, benefits, cause we snuck across the Border ? Me thinks the Mexicans would hate us Gringo’s pretty badly, and some that did not support us in their Govt. and MOST of their Natural Mexican Citizens, would want a Wall to keep Whites out of Mexico… And to have the Gringos Deported back to the USA……Sick of Hypocrisy !

  • AM Joy Fan

    As Nancy Pelosi correctly pointed out Dreamers are American’s too. Let’s erase the hate/ #lovetrumpshate

    • Writer Girl

      If they’re Americans, why are they seeking citizenship? Yes, they grew up here, because their parents brought them here illegally, hoping citizenship would happen, likely. Why is sticking it to the American taxpayer, OK with you? You love illegals so much, put your money where your ignorant mouth is. Just because someone sees things differently than you, doesn’t mean they are hateful or racist. We have plenty of people right here who need our help and plenty of our own problems to solve. Nowhere is it written that we have to save the world. Enough of the world taking advantage of us. And thanks to Trump, illegal border crossings are down. I guess things must have improved immensely in their own countries in less than a year. Or maybe they just won’t take the risk of not getting/staying here. That tells anyone with a brain, something big.

  • Shameekwua

    “There was a time when strangers were welcome here”….OMG. Yeah lady with the sign,….you had to come here legally and abide by the process, not get smuggled in….and be able to contribute to society, work and be productive, and a benefit…….not a leach, welfare recipient for life and looking for a free ride on the working man’s back. “Dreamer” is a term made up trying to make it seem like they are even remotely comparable to the ones of the past. Not even close. The Europeans, Irish and Italians came here to establish themselves and work, not receive welfare and free insurance. No comparison. Dream on!

  • matt edwards


  • Sue

    I have no problem with people who want to come here legally. When you have been here for 20+ years and still haven’t attempted to become a citizen?? just because a corrupt president decided the constitution didn’t apply to him… no sympathy. Make the effort and maybe I’ll listen.

  • Cowboy

    Not criminals, drug pushers or free loaders.
    Clinton and Obama let this kind in.
    You liberal Democrat forget 9-11 or all the bombings we had?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, the gun rights rally cry must be over. Time to get back to immigration, racism and lgbtqrstuvwxHIV.

    • black rifles matter

      No, I think there’s still some out there that want to continue beating that poor dead horse some more.

  • Charlie

    nice agenda, WNEP. All this is about is more government dependent voters for democrats. Fine- let them all in but don’t let them vote for 15 years and watch the democrats whine. This isn’t about people to democrats it’s about a new crop of voters. Give me a break and don’t delete free speech, WNEP.

  • trucker

    So I scrolled down for any attempt to contact Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) or Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) for a comment because I thought this was a News story and not a one sided opinion piece.
    I remember the previous president saying the constitution prohibits executive action on DACA.

  • John

    People who come here legally are welcome…people who sneak in, not so much. This is liberal propaganda…now we are supposed to call illegal aliens “Dreamers” Gimme a break….lol

  • joe

    There was a time when immigrants came here LEGALLY, LEARNED THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, WENT TO SCHOOL & WORKED FOR A LIVING.
    They didn’t look for OR expect handouts, there were TWO parents present, the children had manners, didn’t carry guns, deal or do drugs, join gangs, had respect for human life, respected the American Flag, stood for & said the Pledge Of Allegiance.
    Those type of immigrants are welcome to our Country anytime with welcome arms.

      • Writer Girl

        So wrong. If you mean descendants of Europeans, we’re legal American citizens, in case you’re too dumb to figure that out and think things through. BTW, correct grammar is “you’re,” not your.

  • Dave

    The dreamers! they all want to come to America!, I see some of them in my workplace, they can’t speak English hardly at all, I just avoid them, most of them are not even legally an American citizen!! I do not agree with a bunch of Spanish people having a conversation when everyone else around them doesn’t even know what they are saying! BUILD THE WALL!!!

    • John

      I was doing some temp work at one of the Kane warehouses in Taylor Pa…85-90% of the people working there were Mexican, most did not speak english at all.

      • Writer Girl

        They might not be dreamers, but I know what you mean as I worked in a similar place back in the day. The Hispanics talked in Spanish all day long. So rude, but they didn’t care. If Americans talked that much, they’d be reprimanded. Whenever there was a problem, the Americans had to fix it. We also had more taken out in taxes than the foreigners, who weren’t citizens yet. The Hispanics also got lawyers whenever their friends came looking for a job and couldn’t speak English. Then these entitled, pompous jerks wonder why we can’t stand them. The company eventually closed, probably because the Hispanics spent too much time showing their non-English speaking friends how to do their jobs, so production was comprimised and the rest of them talked more than they worked.

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