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Hoodie Hoo Day in Shenandoah

SHENANDOAH -- The Diakon Senior Center in Shenandoah held a Hoodie Hoo Day celebration.

The folks at the senior center said winter is no match for Hoodie Hoo Day.

"You want to get rid of the winter blahs, and you want to bring the spring out, right?" Nancy Thomas of Schuylkill Haven said. "You're tired of the long, dark days that go into the nights."

The members came to Shenandoah to celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day, a tradition held every February 20 to scare winter away.

"Get out there, yell, yell, yell," Diakon Senior Centers Coordinator Debbie Herb said. "Bring that sunshine into the county."

It isn't all yelling. The seniors also sang and played games.

"We get sick of the winter pretty fast," Herb said. "Some people love the winter. Some can't wait until the spring or the summer, so we're excited to hopefully bring that sunshine back just a little bit quicker."

Hoodie Hoo Day is a long-standing tradition for many people in Schuylkill County. To them, it paves the way for more sunny days and sunny activities.

"You can sit out on the porch," Thomas said. "You can go to the park and we walk."


  • Allentowner

    Those guys that used to hang out on the street corners. What were they up to? Always staring in cars at the red lights. We’re they looking for slam-slam or what?

  • warningfakenews

    It’s a strange tradition, but not as strange as posting pictures of your kids with liquor bottles in a cornfield.

    • Joe Crea

      Berrios – what do you care? You don’t live here anymo’ You don’t do anything but put us down. You and Wayne s.
      I like Kielbossi
      I like Bean Soup
      I like Fire engines
      I like cabbage
      I like sweats
      I like Hoodie Hoo

      (((DROPS MIC)))

      • WAYNE S

        SMH, unfortunately joe those interests correlate to local government corruption, high school sports addiction and child molestation.

      • Joe Crea

        Wayne – you may shake your head – but yet here you are. Every day. Never missing a day. If you hate it so much, why are you here, to heap scorn and ridicule?

        Just admit it, you miss the skook just like Berrios. Too proud to admit it.

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