Former Wrestling Coach Sent to Prison for Sexual Abuse of Boys He Coached

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STROUDSBURG  -- A former wrestling coach who admitted to sexually assaulting two boys has been sentenced to a long prison term.

Ron Gorman, formerly of Stroud Township, was sentenced Tuesday to 20 to 40 years in prison for assaulting the boys he coached between 2006 and 2009.

Gorman moved to Georgia in 2009. He was also arrested there for similar misconduct but never charged.

He was arrested in March of 2017 and pleaded guilty in November.

The former coach was brought back to Pennsylvania after two victims from his program in the Poconos came forward -- two men, now in their 20s, from Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg. Both were 10 years old when the abuse began.

According to court paperwork, the abuse of both victims happened in a number of different places, including Gorman's home in Monroe County, various hotels throughout the Poconos, even out of state.

One of the victims who came forward spoke to Newswatch 16 after he addressed his abuser in court.

Gorman stayed silent after he was sentenced to 20 to 40 years behind bars for sexually assaulting two of his former wrestlers when they were under the age of 13.

One of the victims, who is now 21 did have something to say after his abuser was sentenced.

"It was hard," said Zachary Herbst. "I was definitely trying not to break down into tears, but it was worth getting up there and doing it for the closure. It was worth every minute of it and I am just glad that I can take this and move on."

Gorman pleaded guilty in November to raping two wrestlers between 2006 and 2009 while he was a coach in the Stroudsburg area.

According to prosecutors, Gorman's arrest was made possible in our area after a woman from Georgia tipped off state police in Monroe County that Gorman may have abused children here after she told police he abused her son in Georgia.

That woman, who did not want to show her face spoke to Newswatch 16.

"I feel like this is what any mother would have done. I feel like the true heroes here are the two boys who were brave and strong enough to tell their story and so, I mean I am glad I was able to help and bring some justice, that I played a part in that, but I think they are the heroes here."

"All I can say to anyone at home watching is speak up, please. It's worth it, you're worth it and the people who are doing this are only going to continue to do it," said Herbst.

The Monroe County district attorney's office says Gorman will also plead guilty to another charge of sexual assault of a minor in Georgia and will be sentenced by a Georgia judge in that case at a later time.


  • Semi-tumescent in Stroudsburg

    Look, folks, it’s simple: If you don’t want your kids getting sexually abused, don’t dangle them like carrots in front of perverts. Take some responsibility. What do you expect when you put your little boy in a sport where he wears tights and rolls around with other little boys? You make it hard on these sick people.

  • Lance

    Sick bastard . As a coach he took advantage of these boys. Hopefully Rocco or Tyrone in prison will take advantage of him. Starting with a few wrestling moves that will set the mood.

      • Tanya

        White guys love to pork little boys. That’s all you read about in the news in NEPA. From Sandusky to this creep it’s always a white guy. They can’t satisfy women because they’re closeted homosexuals and they’re closeted because this region doesn’t tolerate anyone who isn’t straight. This is why the priesthood is brimming with white perverts sodomizing altar boys. They’re not allowed to marry and they’re definitely not allowed to be homosexual so your kids pay the price for your intolerance with their virgin sphincters and choir boy lips. You white people should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • SMDH

        Tanya—you seriously need professional help. Your post is pretty much disgusting. Not as much as this perv in the story, but nonetheless quite disturbing. You might look into some anger management counseling. Sounds like you need it.

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