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Dealing With School Threats

BLOOMSBURG -- We've seen reports of one threat after another at some schools in our area following last week's deadly shooting in Florida. It raises the question: "How do schools handle the threats?"

The Bloomsburg Area School District had what officials there call "an alleged threat" this past fall. Since then, the district has been working to keep students and parents informed in case of a real emergency.

Each morning, more than 1,000 students walk through the doors in the Bloomsburg Area School District. School administrators are working to protect those students from any possible threats.

Almost a week removed from the deadly shooting in Florida, Bloomsburg Superintendent Donald Wheeler says protection starts with communication.

"Kids, adults, community members feel comfortable saying, here's what we are hearing, here is what we are seeing, and it may be a false report, but we would rather have a false and move through that," Wheeler said.

"I think students stepping up and reporting it will keep us most safe," said senior Haley Windon.

The district developed a step-by-step threat assessment for school officials to follow.

After an alleged threat in the fall, Bloomsburg Area High School Principal Mellisa Day says this new procedure will keep a clear line of communication.

"We recognized that it was important to share the procedures if there was a threat against the students and the school," Day said.

The threat assessment helps school officials deal with all levels of threats.

"If we find a weapon, if there is a verbal threat with specific information, if we find things on social media that cross the line, if we have potential with drugs or anything like that, then we definitely call the police," said Wheeler.

Superintendent Wheeler believes in staffing all of the district's buildings with guidance counselors, even having at least some to help monitor social media.

"Guidance counselors will help us take a proactive stance, besides security, helping students feel comfortable and safe in school."

Bloomsburg Area school officials urge students if they see something to say something to help keep the school safe.


  • Real American

    Armed Guards for the short term, report and actually do something about it for the mid solution and deal with the mental health crisis in America for the long term.

  • Priorities

    ‘Guidance counselors and communication’. Yeah, that’ll stop a bullet. Funny how we have security and armed guards for our money, but for our children…

  • Travis

    We need to instate some sort of organized boxing in schools to help kids take out there frustration on the other kids who may be harassing bullying them part of the problem is kids are too afraid to fight and throw a fist they’ll resort to guns instead I know a lot of you will disagree but it seems to me ever since fist fights have been more and more of a no no in society in general we’ve had more of these massacres

    • WAYNE S

      That would of worked in 1999 not now, a lot of kids dont leave the house and post nothingness attention plays on social media, play x box or go on those new underground websites looking for stupid hate ideas.

  • trucker

    Infowars sent a news team to Columbine HS where teachers are being trained and armed.
    We need to do the same if we truly love our children.

    • OMG

      just remember teachers snap just like any other normal person can really need all teachers to be carrying weapons have you seen some teachers this should be looked into more before jumping into this training yes but being armed NOT EVERY TEACHER

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      If we truly love our children, we need to pull them all out of public school. Let the system collapse and start over.

      These “school” shootings are a product of that “school” system.

      Garbage in, garbage out.

  • Writer Girl

    It’s obvious to me that somewhere along the line, maybe since Columbine, kids have come to believe that violence is the way to solve the problems one experiences in school and as teens. This needs to be addressed and schools need to enforce zero tolerance for bullying, not just talk about it. Our schools and society in general need to go back to civility and respect for one another and get rid of this idea that in the moment violence is the answer to problems.

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