Confusion in Luzerne County over Proposed Congressional Districts

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DALLAS -- The new map of congressional districts in Pennsylvania will split one area of Luzerne County into two different districts.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a redrawn map of the state's congressional districts on Monday, a big change from the old map.

The court ordered a new map over concerns about gerrymandering -- where legislative districts are drawn to favor one party over another.

For the past several years, the borough of Dallas and Dallas Township were part of the 11th Congressional District. The new map drawn by the court cuts splits the Dallas area into the 8th and 9th Congressional Districts.

To clear up some of the confusion, we sat down with a political science professor at Wilkes University.

"The new map appears to provide more balanced districts, where either party has a better opportunity to pick up a seat," said professor Thomas Baldino.

"One of the things that was problematic with the previous map was that the districts divided far too many municipalities. This one divides fewer counties and fewer municipalities. That said, it's impossible to not divide some municipalities. Unfortunately, Dallas is divided," Baldino said.

If the new congressional map withstands any court challenges, it will be in effect for this year's May primary.


  • Doug White

    Gerrymandering is bad no matter who does it. But the issue here is the power grab by the State Supreme Court. Which was completely partisan. All 5 members who are democrat issued this ruling for a new map, then refused to issue their official opinion on the case so the State Representatives can know exactly what the Supreme Court wants. In fairness the court said they should be compact and not separate counties or cities if possible (obviously Luzerne County is an exception). Then they gave the Governor a choice, you can either agree to whatever map the republicans send your way, or let us 5 democrats decide on the new districts. Is there any doubt what decision the Governor was going to make. By tearing down the walls of the separation of powers and turning the judicial branch into the legislative branch, the State Supreme Court will ultimately hurt the courts more than the other two branches. After all they only have the power that the other two branches allow them to have.

  • Archie Beal

    I believe the way the government operates on a daily basis needs to be modified and changed…if the legislature cannot make a decision and agree then by all means allow the judicial branch make the decision….and if neither branch agrees or their decision is not agreed with…then the president makes the final and standing decision…do away with this checks and balances…it obviously doesn’t work…the government as we see it is a joke and is in a tailspin

  • Skell

    Dems do it, Republicans do it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. This map put the lines where the communities are and is impartial.

  • matt edwards


  • David R

    It would be nice if one of the stories spelled out the exact words of the relevant part of the state constitution. Perhaps there was such a story I missed?

  • Plains Girl

    According to what I know about the Back Mountain and what is available on the internet, this new map did not ‘split’ a community. Dallas Borough and Dallas Township are two distinctly different municipalities. Each has their own local government and their own police department. Saying that the new maps split this community is deceiving.

    • Avenge Hector the Turkey

      Yeah, this was bad wording. A better way to say it is “The new maps split the Back Mountain Community.” It wasn’t just the Dallas area split.
      District 8:
      Jackson Township
      Dallas Twsp.
      Kingston Twsp.
      Franklin Twsp.

      District 9:
      Dallas Borough
      Harveys Lake Borough
      Lake Twsp
      Lehman Twsp.

  • AM Joy Fan

    Please, don’t get me started about “fair elections”! Russian meddling anyone? Hillary getting almost 3 million more votes? We honest legislators and public servants like the DOJ to level the playing field.

  • Shiek Yerboutti

    Yet another example of the liberal court trying to play the role of the legislature. I wish people would read the ballot before voting for judges.

      • Shiek Yerboutti

        No it wasn’t. The court exceeded their authority by performing the job of the legislature. There is a reason for the separation of powers.

    • Try to be FAIR

      The Repubs divided towns and townships to avoid Dem pockets. They have about half of the registered voters in the state but effectively gerrymandered almost 2/3 of the districts to guarantee them a win! Of course, Repubs all think that was the RIGHT thing to do!

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