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Talkback 16: Gun Control Debate

The gun control debate following last week's deadly school shooting in Florida is the focus of this edition of Talkback 16.


  • charlie hebdo

    A lot of innocent people were killed in France for drawing a cartoon. Then they had a contest to draw the same stuff in Garland, Texas. Guess what happened? The “terror” people that showed up got a taste of America’s Constitution. Had to be the most obvious trap ever set for cave dwelling idiots. THAT is the difference people. Never pussify yourself or you will become a victim with a number instead of a person with an opinion.

  • Where'd it go?

    Hmmmmm………..can’t find the story of the teens who are organizing the nationwide march against guns.

    Could it be that people have developed some sensibilities and taken these traumatized teenagers OUT of this political platform and decided not to use them as political pawns? Nope? Didn’t think so…

  • Stand With Me

    I am concerned that a teenager who has obviously been severely traumatized is pronouncing that I am either “…with (them), or against (them),” and believing that such a wild and broad statement will catalyze a Nation into some kind of action to FIX the current climate of violence and stupidity. Everyone is “with” the safety of our Nation. Not one person that I’ve known or met is “against” each law abiding citizen living in safety. Such a notion is patently absurd and this kind of either-or-talk is precisely how other Nations have collapsed into civil wars.

    I don’t hear (or, READ) a single word on rewriting HIPPA Laws. There is also no word on why the FBI and other Law Enforcement didn’t take this nutjob seriously with all of the information that they had. Further, there is no explanation of how this fellow paid for all of these weapons. Did he have a Trust Fund, or what? No nineteen year old that I know of can afford to own that many firearms – the whole thing stinks like week-old cod.

    I’ve written this, already, but once one Constitutional Amendment falls, the rest will follow and quickly. We had better really, really slow down and contemplate where we’re going. I’ve never pointed any of my weapons at another human being, ever, and the rule is that one never does that unless there is an intent. But, the law abiding citizens have compassion, empathy, and a sense of accountability which is WHY they are law abiding. What are the alternatives? To allow thugs to continue owning illegal arms for their regular ch1mp outs? Contemplate, folks. Sit still and really think about the ramifications, here.

    • trucker

      Agree. Columbine is allowing teachers who are trained to be armed. Beslan has armed guards after that attack. Documentary about it called “Children of Beslan” Isreal has armed guards around anyplace with children. Government buildings have armed guards. “Good Guy with Gun Free zones” are active shooter magnets, by design IMHO.

      • Where'd it go?

        It’s a HIPPA failure along with a societal failure, not the failure of gun laws.

        There are gun laws and restriction already in place. Take a stroll into center city Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton, or Harrisburg and ask around at who’s legally obtained and registered their firearms. Do it. The results would be astounding.

  • Draw My Prophet

    I see this divide in our country with stuff like what John Oliver and others are putting out that is just one sided, then I see things like what Ben Shapiro says that gives me a little hope because he is not set to one team. The biggest flaw about American gun control seems to be that innocent people are afraid to defend themselves from guns with guns. Soft targets? If you are not able to defend your basic right to survive, then what business do you have to tell others than can and also preserve your living qualities? I like my tax paying/law abiding neighbors armed so the criminals do not have a chance.

  • Dave

    Guns don’t kill people !people kill people! I’m a gun owner and I’m responsible,, untreated mental illness and guns are the problem!!! not responsible people and guns.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    F caller #2!!! Obviously he/she/it has never been explained to the meaning of “shall not be infringed!

    Caller # 4, you’re a saint!

    Caller #5, get over it.

    • Draw My Prophet

      For how many times I’ve seen comments deleted here, I’m pretty sure that they have employees call in sometimes. Remember that Charlie Hebdo thing in Paris, then they had a drawing contest in Texas where they lit up the idiots that tried to KILL them over OPINIONS? There you go kids. THAT is the difference. Don’t be a bitch.

      • trucker

        Yea my comments get deleted pretty quick, especially when I point out that the security guard at that event
        sued the FBI. During discovery it was found the FBI was at the event and texted the shooter to “Tear up Texas”. He fled and was captured later. We don’t yet know if the FBI texted the FL shooter. Where is the “Uber” driver?

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