Supreme Court Issues New Congressional District Map

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New Congressional district map from Pennsylvania Supreme Court

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has put out a redrawn map of the state’s congressional districts.

This comes after a political and legal battle over alleged gerrymandering.

The court ruled last month the current districts violated the state’s constitution.

Last week, Governor Tom Wolf rejected a proposed map that was created by the legislature, leading to the Supreme Court’s new version of the district map.

There are major changes to districts in our viewing area.

Republicans are likely to challenge this ruling saying the constitution gives lawmakers the job of drawing districts, not courts.

See fullscreen comparison image HERE.

District 12:

District 9:

District 8:

District 7:


  • Its A Fair World After All

    Awww, the cheating Grand Obstructionist Party got their million dollar map torn to shreds by the hands of justice… They can use the old map to wipe away their tears after they lose fair and square in 2018. Love it! LMAO.

  • trucker

    Corrupt supreme court run by dems, state losing working people who don’t want to be punished for hard work.
    There is a relationship here :)

      • trucker

        Please point out where I said they were selected. And why would you even suggest I take a civics class?
        I could add so much more but I am not a hateful person.

  • Bill Deaton

    Gerrymandering has been around as long as the country has been in existence. Through the course of history, it’s been used by both parties to control the boundaries of US House seats in many states. The law is the law and if “the other party” was in control of the state legislature, they would do the same thing.

    The real issue here is not gerrymandering, but rather the perpetual loss of US House seats for the Commonwealth. In 1970, Pennsylvania had 27 Congressional Districts. We have lost two seats to other states every decade. We become less relevant with each census because this state does nothing to stop the hemorrhage of people leaving and does nothing to create an environment where companies want to come here to help halt the downward spiral. At the rate the Keystone State is headed, there won’t be enough political scraps worth the fight.

    • Kenneth

      A lot of factors contribute to the exodus from Pennsylvania. With that said, parts of the Keystone state are doing well and have relatively low unemployment. I think the state should push for fiscally conservative yet socially liberal policies like Amazon (HQ2) are requiring when looking to expand their business. Gerrymandering has resulted in a 13-5 advantage for the Republican party. Established companies and deeply entrenched politicians share a desire for favorable business environments. Where the road splits is that companies looking to attract a younger work force (typically tech, high paying) also think about the well-being of their employees and want to build a business around a cohesive, caring community. The heavy tilt to the Republican party has scared off a lot of companies.

      • Kenneth

        With that said if the Gerrymander was heavily tilted to the Democrats, companies would be uncomfortable with politicians who are not as interested in business friendly policies. The new map will split the legislature more evenly and force politicians to compromise which is better for everyone.

    • Jared

      Uhm. No. You just *changed* the issues. And just because you want the issue to change, doesn’t mean it magically does because you say “the real issue here is.” The issue here is, gerrymandering is wrong, and is bad for democracy. Yes, it’s always been around. And yes, it’s time for it to end. That is the issue. That is the headline. That is the thread you’re on. Debate that issue, or go to a different article about “people leaving the state” or whatever. But you don’t get to change the topic, just because you don’t like it.

  • Kenneth

    I’m very pleased with this map. For once, people will have to speak to each other instead of only listening to their own echo chamber. Long term members of congress will finally be forced to really listen to all their constituents, not just the loudest and richest.

    • caps not on

      Bad news they already refused to get involved when it was announced that the district’s needed to be re-done Maybe the Republicans shouldn’t have done what they did in the first place all you had to do was look at the map from the way it was the way they did it and realize they were gerrymandering it.

      • Roflmao

        SCOTUS could do nothing until there was a violation. That’s why the initial contact with the court results seemed negative. The threat of damage and the act of damaging are considered different.

    • Mitch

      The Court fashions a remedy if the Legislature violates either the PA or US constitution. Here the Court ruled the existing districts violated the PA constitution. Most state constitutions offer greater protections than the US constitution. For that reason the US Supreme Court is unlikely to get involved. It fashioned a map only after both R’s and D’s failed to present a replacement map that met PA constitutional muster.

      • Roflmao

        It should be a separation of powers issue cut and dry. The districts can be redrawn every 10 years with the last being 2010. That set of districts passed congress and senate by vote. The next redraw is 2020. Weather you like what the lines imply should be another discussion completely. The PA courts should not be involved. I believe SCOTUS will be. We’ll see. But I do get your point.

      • Roflmao

        The next redistricting isn’t scheduled until after the census in 2020. Your not making sense with the redrawing, its premature and that’s directly because of the judicial branch over reaching its powers. We’ll see. Stay tuned!

  • Accept Responsibility and STOP Blaming Others

    Repubs got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and blame everyone else! They have about half of the registered voters in the State and gerrymandered districts so they would basically control and guarantee themselves 2/3 of them. Of course the Right saw nothing wrong with that!!

  • Swamp Thang

    “THE SUPREME COURT IS BIASED!” Y’all know we vote for Supreme Court justices in PA, right? I know this may come as news to a lot of you, but PA is a Democrat majority state. You’d think that’d be obvious with our Democratic Governor, left leaning Supreme Court, and the fact that we voted Democrat in every presidential election between 1992 and 2012. But, hey, when Repubs manage to get their grubby paws on the congressional map and we somehow end up with 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats representing us in the US House it ain’t no thang, right? You ignorant lot gave us Trump, well now here’s your reality check. Fair and Balanced. Lol.

  • Jack Irvin

    Here is the real threat to America, The supreme court interfering with the election process by showing favor to a political party, shows the supreme court is biased, that is dangerous


      You do realize that this is the PA Supreme Court, right? Who appoints justices for the STATE Supreme Court? And who votes for those that appoint, you right Jack?

  • Common Sense

    This is not a function of the state courts! First they give an unrealistic deadline to get it done, then the socialist governor doesn’t like it. So what’s the court do? Meh, we’ll just do it ourselves!
    This will be overturned by higher courts.
    We’re living in dangerous times folks!

    • Mitch

      The Court fashions a remedy if the Legislature violates either the PA or US constitution. Here the Court ruled the existing districts violated the PA constitution. Most state constitutions offer greater protections than the US constitution. For that reason the US Supreme Court is unlikely to get involved.

  • Proletariat

    Looks good to me. For once they aren’t splitting Northumberland and Sunbury. The populations are essentially two halves of one whole so having them being in two districts was always dumb.

    • Roflmao

      Yea, obviously your part of the problem there POINTY, when we voted for PA supreme court judges a little while back and gave the DUMOCRATS the majority. Don’t remember Roflmao! And that’s why were where we are today you non voting fool!

  • John doe

    The PA supreme court is a corrupt pile of stuff that does the liberal scum bidding. The are as corrupt as the clinton and Obama criminals.


      If they would only learn and sell out the country to the Russians who know how to do bidding right!

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