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String of Fires on Small Street in Wilkes-Barre Has Neighbors Desperate for Answers

WILKES-BARRE --  Neighbors on a small street in Wilkes-Barre have a lot to be concerned about. Five buildings were destroyed by fires on and near South Fulton Street over the last couple of months.

Fire officials said some of them were intentionally set. A fire this weekend is being investigated.

Diane Jasonis showed Newswatch 16 what was left of the homes on her street of 20 years.

Saturday night’s fire marked the fourth in the South Fulton Street neighborhood since August. It forced 12 people out of their home.

Jasonis has had enough.

“These aren't just vacant buildings. There are families and people living in these houses. They need to rectify this and find some kind of answer, anything,” Jasonis said.

Two other fires on this street were ruled arson. Now, it has become an area that police and even fire officials check on regularly.

Jasonis said she won’t let all of this scare her off her street.

“It used to be a great neighborhood. Now, you don't see anybody because there is nobody. There are no homes. You have four homes in a row totally destroyed,” Jasonis said.

Fire officials are getting help from detectives at the Wilkes-Barre Police Department. They're also teaming up with a specialist to assist in looking for a cause to Saturday night's fire.

Neighbors said they’re just desperate for answers.

“There's not one neighbor that sleeps peacefully due to these fires. I think all of them that I've spoken to at one time or another and we're very concerned,” Jasonis said.

The family displaced by Saturday night’s fire is being helped by the Red Cross.


  • Cowboy

    Old homes, blight, slum slumlords, meth labs, drug dealing.
    Take a pick.
    I was born in WB, went to school there.
    That place suck today. It’s not the working class people that turned WB into the slums!

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