Renewed Concerns About Rock Slides near Jim Thorpe

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- There are renewed concerns about rock slides on Route 209 in Carbon County.

Mahoning Township police said last week, there was a rock slide on part of Route 209 between Lehighton and Jim Thorpe. PennDOT was called in to clean up.

Then this weekend, police said a rock came tumbling down smashing into a driver's windshield.

"I thought they were going to take care of it, with the fencing and the netting and all that, but no, it doesn't surprise me. It's been a problem for years,” said Bob Dascalakis of Lehighton.

That part of Route 209 runs between Lehighton and Jim Thorpe near Flagstaff Mountain. It is called Mansion House Hill.

In October, PennDOT crews were called in to clear a big rock slide in the area.

Officials say they cleared loose rocks from the mountain and decided no mesh netting was needed.

"This has happened a couple times already. They were supposed to have fixed it, but I guess they didn't,” said Cindy Dascalakis of Lehighton.

Drivers told Newswatch 16 they know all about rocks slides in the area and many will not drive in the lane closest to the mountain.

"I don't ever drive on that side of the road to be honest with you. I drive as far as I can over that way because I have the baby in the car and younger siblings and stuff,” said Janelle Thomas of Jim Thorpe.

"I don't go on the right side. I stay in the outside because a rock fell and hit my car before, too. They know it's shifting, so I think they plan on doing something. I don't know,” said Kyle Bretz of Jim Thorpe.

A PennDOT meeting is planned for February 28 in Mahoning Township about a potential fix on that part of Route 209.


  • charlene dimmick

    i saw your report this am on 2-20-2018 about the rock slides on 209 in Jim Thorpe ,and saw you talked to my son kyle. When you spoke to my son kyle at Turkey Hill, who was the last person you talked to on the segment about the slides on your report,you should have photographed his car as a rock fell and smashed his windshield as well last week and he doesn’t have anything more than liability ins and i was wondering if PennDot is paying for peoples repairs as its not there fault rocks are falling off the mountain and its a heavily traveled road.


    We have a similar problem in “The Skook”. Street roamers get too drunk on Boilo, and PBR, and just roll down the hills. Happens more than you think.


      Jim Thorpe is for skook vacationers. Its like going to disney world, Vegas or Myrtle beach for some families. Leaving the skook is rare for some of these individuals. So expect 700 Facebook picture posts when skooks go to historic Jim Thorpe. Even though there really is nothing there. I hope the street roamers from frackville and Ashland dont relocate here. Rock slides will be the least of their problem.

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