Pizza Place Reopens After Closing at Schuylkill Mall

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SHENANDOAH -- Suglia's Pizza has reopened after having to close its location at the Schuylkill Mall.

It's back to business as usual for Haxhe Sylaj, the owner of Suglia's Pizza. The restaurant used to be in the Schuylkill Mall. It just reopened next to the Redner's in Shenandoah.

"We're trying the best we can," Sylaj said.

The pizza place first opened in the Schuylkill Mall in the '80s. Last August, they closed and it took the owner a couple of months to find a new location. The owner said leaving the mall was tough for him.

"It was very hard," Sylaj said. "For many, many years there, it was a great location actually, but you gotta do whatever you have to do and just keep going on."

So far, he said all of his loyal customers have been coming in for their favorite dishes.

"Actually, I see a lot of my customers back," Sylaj said. "I don't think I lose anything. We're doing very, very good so far, and we're trying to keep it up."

"These guys are the best," Patricia Perry of Mahanoy City said. "Their food is always freshly made, and it's really super, the best."

Some of them said the new location is more convenient for them.

"Every time I come to Redner's, I come here," Perry said. "(It's) very convenient because we can grocery shop and then come and grab something for dinner and then you don't have to cook."

Suglia's also has a restaurant in Schuylkill Haven.


  • Otto

    The end of the video is classic! Probably the last hold out at that mall was Suglia’s, I remember when Gaetano ran it and the Sylaj family did a really good job keeping to the original recipes and connecting with their customers. I think they were the first ones to make a Buffalo Chicken Ranch Pizza as well.


    slow news day i guess. The mall that had 90 stores in it 25 years ago closes and this average pizza shop opens up 4 miles a day is somehow a news story.

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