Tunkhannock School Officials Respond to Concerns over Possible Threats

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TUNKHANNOCK -- School officials in Tunkhannock Area School District sent a message to parents Sunday night following perceived threats made on social media.

The comments on Facebook came after the mass shooting at a high school in Florida that killed 17 people.

The posts don't appear to outright threaten violence, however Tunkhannock Area School District officials met with law enforcement to devise a response and said they do not believe there is any imminent threat to students or staff.

Tunkhannock Area Superintendent Heather McPherson left a message on parents' phones, saying, in part, "We will continue to collaborate with law enforcement and the district attorney's office to improve and fortify our response to any threats. The decision to send your child to school tomorrow is yours, but please know that we are making every effort to keep every child safe."

The schools in the district will operate on a normal schedule on Monday.


  • trucker

    Did we not have 2 judges that sent kids to a gulag for facebook posts? Did it start with a story like this?
    Did not the local Carnahan and Chivarella local media protect them…for a decade.
    Every sane person know the difference between a threat and commentary, this is commentary.

  • Real American

    THIS! This is the mentally that causes these problems. Total disrespect for life and a disconnect to the seriousness of the issue. This isn’t guns, this is a societal decay for respect, accountability and discipline.

  • blame the teachers

    they get a $250 tax credit, all the teachers could contribute the free $250 they all get and put some metal detectors in with their free money

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Ultimately, I think it all boils down to one very simple thing: Gross American stupidity.

    Stupid parents, stupid kids, stupid policies, stupid protests, stupid reactions, stupid overreactions, stupid politicians, stupid Facebook, stupid media, stupid school districts, stupid gender identity crisis, stupid bipartisanship, and on and on and on.

  • Mike

    I got the call and the message said there was no threat at all.Untill I saw channel 16 news I saw those messages…I believe the message to us parents was a tad misleading..I love Tunkhannock and know the school is taking this serious…But I believe we as prents need to be told the and everything because these are our kids…If I can help in anyway I and my family will.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    It must have been an interesting evening at that kids house!

    “You just wait until your father gets home and hears about this!”

    He wouldn’t have wanted to be my kid!

  • Concerned Parent

    I’m happy to see school districts paying more attention than the FBI obviously did but it is sad these kids think this is a joke. If it happened to them, their friends, in their school they wouldn’t be making jokes and laughing anymore. This is the generation that will take care of us as we get old, the people that will be running the world. It’s sad and scary!

    • FracingA

      Steve, U are INCORRECT. NWO is Obama & Hillary. MAGA is Trump….think “Shall Not Be Infringed”, yep that would be Trump. We are in good hands right now.

  • Ella may Dillard

    I think doiled tump didn’t it all blame him he cost the shooting after all ask him for that matter of fact that time

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