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Sanctuary Church to Hold Gun Rights Dinner

DREHER TOWNSHIP -- As the heated public debate over gun control continues following the latest mass shooting in Florida, a religious organization in the Poconos is going forward with plans to hold an event later this month in which couples are encouraged to bring assault rifles with them.

Sanctuary Church near Newfoundland in Wayne County announced plans for its religious ceremony before the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day.

The church plans to hold a benefit dinner for a gun rights organization on February 24 called "President Trump Thank You Dinner."

A ceremony is scheduled for the following Wednesday where the church has encouraged guests to bring assault rifles.

The church is run by the Moon family, which founded the controversial Unification Church in the mid-1900s. The family also owns Kahr Arms, a gun maker in Pike County.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the church on Sunday. No one wanted to comment.


  • Edward S Taub

    Please understand that the Sanctuary Church is in no way associated with the Unification Church. We, who are in the Unification Church, consider them a bunch of crazies. The blessing of guns is just one of the crazy things they do. Avoid them if you can.

  • mariluz

    Yo apoyo a Hyung Jin Moon, todo lo que él dice en sus sermones, tiene lógica,algun periodista se atreve a increparlo?

    • tbogard2015

      El tipo esta mas que loco, como es que deja a los “miembros” usar un arma cuyo proposito es quitar la vida de otra persona? Un arma esta diseñada no para defenderse, sino para producir el maximo daño posible. Dios Ilumine tu mente, por que alguien asi de enfermo no va a llegar lejos.

  • Scattered opinions

    I see this divide in our country with stuff like what John Oliver and others are putting out that is just one sided, then I see things like what Ben Shapiro says that gives me a little hope because he is not set to one team. The biggest flaw about American gun control seems to be that innocent people are afraid to defend themselves from guns with guns. Soft targets? If you are not able to defend your basic right to survive, then what business do you have to tell others than can and also preserve your living qualities? I like my tax paying/law abiding neighbors armed so the criminals do not have a chance.

  • Roy tigue

    You people are messed up with your ideology the fact of the matter is that your leader is no king he is a false profit with the characteristics of another mentally deranged Korean Kim Jung Un. you really think that lgbt people are bad what if it was your child huh are you going to mentally and physically shame your child you nut jobs. i think if they want to be gay bi or lesbian just let them who really even cares.

  • Timothy Elder

    Thank you for helping us publicize the Feb. 24 event. I was surprised, however, to read that you could not find anyone willing to comment during your visit to our church on Sunday. I was among about 30 to 40 people present in the church when your truck parked across the street around 3 pm. Had I been asked, I would have been happy to comment. Did your reporter really make an effort to find someone to comment? Did the reporter try contacting the church by telephone at (570) 832-4476? Or was this simply a case of lazy journalism?

  • warningfakenews

    Unless the left protests this, expect it to not only fall to the cutting room floor of the media, but into a black hole floor drain never to be seen again.

  • sandy

    so a cult in a small town is gathering their assault weapons within walking distance of an elementary school and you idiots think this is not a problem….this little bit of the story tells you nothing of the whole story.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      I guarantee that meeting of those responsible owners with those scary weapons will result in ZERO injuries.

      Maybe bad gas from eating too much dinner.

      Let’s wait and see!!

      Actually, if nothing bad happens as a direct result of all those big and oh so scary guns in one place, you libs will have to find a new angle, because it’ll undermine your argument completely.

      • SMH

        What else would an assault rifle be used for other than assaulting other people, which is already illegal. ??? Just wondering.

      • H

        I dated a guy in the NRA. He accidentally shot my kitchen floor 5 minutes after he was goofing off aiming his M4 at my cousins head at my kitchen table. He was also active duty military. All I had to say after it happened was “this is why people don’t like guns”.

      • Just saying...

        The problem was “active duty military.” Those guys are always show off, cocky, jackazzez! Brainwashed by Uncle Sam. Nobody wants to hang out with those dipchits! Then they usually become PSP.

      • Malley

        Hey SMH – An AR-15 is not an assault rifle. It’s a semi-automatic rifle. You’ve been listening to the drive by media’s regurgitating of false panic stricken drivel. It doesn’t shoot any different than a hand gun. One trigger pull, one shot fired. So it’s not already illegal. The problem is the assault on gun ownership and not on irresponsible parenting and/or poor follow through by authorities. We have plenty of gun control laws on the books already.

      • Drue H. Marshall

        What it “is” is a classic Tax Dodge, and even worse, a platform for Kahr Arms to promote their products by proxie — ie; the clueless rubes that it so easily recruits from the credulous masses. It’s kinda the way ALL religion works.

  • Eddy's Tattoo

    Please, please, please………invite Ben Shapiro to talk about the true statistics and who’s altering the numbers for political gain. He’d be expensive, but he knows the facts about this topic.

    Although this is really too soon to be getting into after the tragedy, I knew that this terrible event was going to be blown into a platform for the gun control agenda. Now is NOT the time, liberals. Let people bury their dead and mourn their losses, first. I would attend this, myself, if it were a couple of months down the road. Too soon afterwards, though. Too soon.

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