Rallying Against Gun Violence in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- A large group gathered on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre Sunday afternoon to voice their opinions on the gun control issue. Many are calling for stricter gun laws and more assistance for the mentally ill.

Signs were held high and faces were stern during the "Enough is Enough" rally.

The grassroots group Action Together organized the event in Wilkes-Barre following the latest mass shooting.

The massacre in Parkland, Florida has once again put gun control at the center of public debate.

"We're so very tired of hearing the constant excuses from those who would do nothing to solve this crisis," said Andrew Wilczak, Action Together.

Olanda Carter of Wilkes-Barre lost her son Tyzheke to gun violence in September of 2014. She's calling for stricter gun laws.

"I want my kids to go to school safely. I want them to grow up safely. I want them to be able to go to large public events safely. There's just too many innocent lives taken, young and old," Carter said.

Martha Hart of Wilkes-Barre has been close to being a victim of gun violence at the hands of someone with mental health issues. She believes any solution to gun violence also includes treatment for people with mental illness.

"There's too many mentally ill people that are thrown to the wolves. They don't have any help. They live on the street. They don't have anything. He was a Vietnam veteran for crying out loud. Where was his help?" Hart said.

Among those who spoke in front of the large crowd was a high school student who felt the need to represent the youth because she can relate to the victims in Parkland, Florida.

"Young people do need representation. A lot of times we're mistaken to be uneducated or ignorant or stubborn, and I don't believe that's true. I believe I should be out here to speak for the rest of the youth and speak with the people who are with me and are scared, and I think we need to be heard," said Chloe Poorman, Wyoming Valley West junior.

In light of the latest deadly mass shooting at a school, organizers of this rally are demanding immediate action from Congress to keep kids safe.


  • Sarah Brady

    May as well restrict fertilizer and diesel fuel too. Why not, if the intent to kill is there it will happen somehow. But lets just blame the guns, as that’s easy.

  • Cowboy

    Liberal Democrats, first stop yelling ( police brutality) and let the officers clean up the town’s. Get the crime off the streets.

  • funny thing is - he's not a victim

    Tyzheke (son of Olando Carter in the article) wasn’t a victim of gun violence. His death was caused by his choice of occupation: drug dealer. He wasn’t some rosy-cheeked cherub daydreaming about his prom or spring break – he was dealing in things that destroy other lives and got what he deserved. A tearful mother always makes a good prop until you hear the rest of the story. He wasn’t gunned down while studying algebra. Shame on you WNEP for giving this woman air time. Do a search on Tyzheke Jahmal Seward for yourself. Kind of discredits some of these protestors, doesn’t it?

  • Vlad Ulyanov

    Say we have gun bans or even restrictions, are those same kind of bans and restrictions going to be applied to the police?

    I mean these bans do work..right? So the police would not need such weapons then.

  • Dick Kickem

    Not the time to be discussing gun issues. The suspect in the Florida shootings had a long and colorful history of oppositional defiance disorder, anti-social (sociopath) behaviors, and straight-up mental illnesses.

    HIPPA should be revised, plain and simple. Citizens in every State should become familiar with their mental health Laws and begin demanding revisions to their State Laws on voluntary and involuntary institutionalizations.

    Let the people bury their loved ones and grieve for a while. Please. Left-wingers, you all need to calm down and stop putting conservatives on the defensive about this matter. If you don’t know the statistics – the REAL statistics – then you need to shut up, zip your lips, and let this tragedy be processed by the survivors, and the Nation, as a whole.

  • jim

    I am 60 why is this violence happening now and not in previous generations?
    These acts of violence are not happening in the inner city schools but upper class suburbia.
    We are raising kids on violent video games and Adderall and Ritalin….mommy and daddy had a hard day now go play your game. Parents are trying to give their kids the perfect life….hey there is nothing wrong with failing, try again you will learn how to cope.

    • Dick Kickem

      Jim, that’s exactly what has happened along with stringent HIPPA Laws that prevent a person’s mental health issues from being researched. We are seeing what 2-3 generations of drug-scrambled brains creates with these pharmaceuticals to treat ADHD/ADD in children as young as three years old. It may be too late and the genetic alterations may already be there, by now.


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