Rallying Against Gun Violence in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- A large group gathered on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre Sunday afternoon to voice their opinions on the gun control issue. Many are calling for stricter gun laws and more assistance for the mentally ill.

Signs were held high and faces were stern during the "Enough is Enough" rally.

The grassroots group Action Together organized the event in Wilkes-Barre following the latest mass shooting.

The massacre in Parkland, Florida has once again put gun control at the center of public debate.

"We're so very tired of hearing the constant excuses from those who would do nothing to solve this crisis," said Andrew Wilczak, Action Together.

Olanda Carter of Wilkes-Barre lost her son Tyzheke to gun violence in September of 2014. She's calling for stricter gun laws.

"I want my kids to go to school safely. I want them to grow up safely. I want them to be able to go to large public events safely. There's just too many innocent lives taken, young and old," Carter said.

Martha Hart of Wilkes-Barre has been close to being a victim of gun violence at the hands of someone with mental health issues. She believes any solution to gun violence also includes treatment for people with mental illness.

"There's too many mentally ill people that are thrown to the wolves. They don't have any help. They live on the street. They don't have anything. He was a Vietnam veteran for crying out loud. Where was his help?" Hart said.

Among those who spoke in front of the large crowd was a high school student who felt the need to represent the youth because she can relate to the victims in Parkland, Florida.

"Young people do need representation. A lot of times we're mistaken to be uneducated or ignorant or stubborn, and I don't believe that's true. I believe I should be out here to speak for the rest of the youth and speak with the people who are with me and are scared, and I think we need to be heard," said Chloe Poorman, Wyoming Valley West junior.

In light of the latest deadly mass shooting at a school, organizers of this rally are demanding immediate action from Congress to keep kids safe.


  • Tim

    What a sad star of affairs our country is in. The people populating this country are the most delusional on earth. Let me start this by saying I’m a gun owner, who also owns an AR15. It’s sad that the ultra right wing people value the ability to obtain an AR15, over children’s well-being and safety. I’m tired of the same old “ban cars cause they kill people too,” argument. Know what? Cars weren’t designed to kil lots of people in a short amount of time. The AR15 is a soldiers tool for combat. They didn’t design the weapon thinking of modern times and everyone’s feelings on whether they should own one or not. How about this, since we all know the right wing people will fight more for their gun rights, rather than the safety of children at school, AR15’s NEED TO BE AN NFA ITEM!! If you are a blowhard that really needs to have that weapon, you can go through the legal mess it is to obtain a suppressor, or SBR, or automatic weapon. That’s an 8-10 month process until you get your tax stamp. That’s what I believe needs to happen. Make access to them very difficult for the possible criminal who may have malicious intent. Why does it make people so angry and come out growing mud when people with a little common sense propose a seemingly intelligent idea? The ultra left will be slightly appeased with my above idea as well, but the NRA and the pro 2nd amendment guys look like idiots. Like I said above, I’m a gun owner, but this senseless violence has to stop. I know those dead kids in parkland and those poor kids in Newtown would want us to take action. It’s horrible to even say this, but all these Trump supporting gun nuts won’t take action until it happens to one of their own, then it’s too late…like it always has been. I just can’t fathom why a grown adult human being would set aside the welfare of School children, just because they want to be able to have an AR15, or have the right to own one. What a bunch of crybabies. God forbid a horrific tragedy would ever happen around here, but what will it take to open up peoples eyes? Does some psychopath have to go shoot up a maternity ward or worse, a gun show? I bet you would have a nationwide rally for gun control then…just kidding, we don’t value the safety of kids anymore because of our misguided selfishness. Hasn’t anyone watched the videos of these kids running for their lives, past all those dead bodies? Are we still in America??

    • Real American

      That’s a lot of words to say CONSTITUTIONAL INFRINGMENT. This is not a gun issue, its mental health issue. If people valued life and didn’t feel they needed to solve problems with violence, there wouldn’t be shootings. These mass shootings look more and more like false flags to push gun control, because an unarmed people cant resist tyranny of a global government.
      My actual security and constitutional rights out weigh you false sense of security.

    • Are You Kidding!?!

      Why isn’t anyone going after the FBI and the Sheriffs Department? All the signs were there. The FBI dropped the ball. Where is the outrage over their failure?

      Oh, yea…it’s the gun’s fault.

    • bob

      hey tim, Virginia tech shooting , fifty six shot , 33 dead with two handguns , a 22 cal. and a 9 mm glock , no AR 15. oh oh now what do we do ? how about securing the schools , there is security everywhere else, but not schools , why ?

      • America - love it or leave it

        Same reason there are no seat belts on school buses. It would cut into the exorbitant salaries paid to the teachers and administrators. It all comes down to money.

      • Cowboy

        Let the kids get back to fist fighting.
        You become friends or avoid each other.
        All lost with the liberal democrats.

    • America - love it or leave it

      Tim, if you’re a gun owner, you can thank the NRA and those that support it for being able to keep what you have and buy your AR. It’s kind of like listening to NPR or watching PBS all the time and not supporting them. Don’t worry, someone else will make sure you still keep your rights. So you’ll be turning in your AR-15 when? I’m sure your local police department would love to have it. Shoot up a gun show? Are you completely delusional? How far do you think that guy will get? The people that do all these shootings are insane cowards that hit soft targets and then only take their lives if they know they’ll be caught. You’re a babbling hypocrite.

  • AM Joy Fan

    Enough s Enough! Guns don’t die, people die. As Rep. Maxine Waters said “To sit idly by and do nothing is a shameful dereliction of our responsibility to our children, our communities, and our nation!” To bad our so-called president is too busy obstructing justice on the Russia investigation to care about our kids. #Notmypresidentday

    • Darnell

      President Trump is obstructing the Russia probe? Lol keep drinking the cool aide! If the democrats wouldn’t have all the FBI investigating fruitless allegations against the president they would’ve got this whack job long before he created this carnage! God I can only hope you haven’t spread seed or been inseminated yet. You should go have yourself sterilized. Guns don’t kill people! People kill people! To say we must outlaw guns is the same as saying we must outlaw gas and cars and knives etc etc because all these things kill. Do your realize that each year more people in Chicago are killed by pistols in one year then all of these school shootings! Keep blasting your liberal mouth as all people like you are hot air! We have enough gun laws in America just enforce them!

      • AM Joy Fan

        If you want your evidence of collusion, pick up a copy of the Michael Wolff book, Fire and Fury. Go educate yourself and read the Maddow blog where Rachel proves there is “painfully obvious evidence pointing to collusion between Trump World and Russia”. Logan Act or Emoluments law anyone? He is too busy covering up his crimes against America to keep our kids safe! #resist #notmypresident

      • America - love it or leave it

        Psst – Obama was in the White House for eight years. What did he do to keep our kids safe? More guns were sold and concealed carry permits issued (where required) during his time in office than any other President. #youdonthavetherighttodenythepresidency #getalife

    • Dave

      This is silly !!!!…… The president can’t control what goes in the mind of the sick !!!
      Over half a Billion people in the USA. As far as Trump obstructing justice…You watch too much fake news, stop watching CNN.

    • Cowboy

      AM JOY FAN:
      Put a drugy OR UNSTABLE person behind a gun, IT WILL KILL!
      Put a drugy Or UNSTABLE person behind a car or truck, It WILL KILL!
      Put a drugy Or UNSTABLE person behind a knife, IT WILL KILL!
      Put a drugy Or UNSTABLE personbehind a pipe boom, IT WILL KILL!
      It’s PEOPLE that KILL!!!
      Brazil Army to Take Over Security!
      It’s coming down to that here because of clinton and obama letting the boarders open and dreamers with their crime and drugs.

    • America - love it or leave it

      You lost any credibility when you quote nutball Maxine Waters and say that President Trump is not your President. I despised both Clinton and Obama as people but I still respected their position as President.

  • Are You Kidding!?!

    Interesting how no one goes after Big Pharma for the side effects of the psychotropic drugs they peddle.
    When the drunk driver kills someone, they blame the vehicle operator; not the vehicle .
    When the terrorists kill using a vehicle, they blame the terrorist; not the vehicle.

    When a person commits multiple murders with a gun; they blame the gun.

    Can’t have it both ways. Thinking with feelings is no way to go through life.

    If you want to see a world where only the police and military have guns; I give you the Communist Utopia of Venezuela.

  • 😟

    They will never be able to take all guns away because too many people own then responsibility. It is our right to own them. If they try to take them it most certainly will start a civil war in this country. Archie is saying the dumbocrats will get control again and get rid of the guns, never gonna happen. They did nothing while Obummer was in. I do believe if HI LARy was in she would’ve made sure it happened. Thank God, she never got elected. Just imagine how much worse this country would be. Killing unborn babies even more, lgbtq community having even more rights than they do now. Thank you President Trump for beating HI LIARy!!!

  • Cowboy

    Protest knives, they kill to many people.
    Band knives.
    Band vehicles they kill a lot and more often.
    You liberal Democrats have some protesting to do.

  • Protest the real threat

    I DARE these pinheads to turn a 180 and walk a couple blocks into Wilkesbarre’s mean streets and protest crime and illegal handguns. They wouldn’t dare! These weaklings need to grow a pair and go into the WB ghettos and confront the hoodrats face to face. I DARE THEM!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      I dare them to go over to the police that are guarding the event and tell THEM to disarm.

      That would be funny to watch.

  • Human Being

    Research shows that nearly every ‘Active Shooter’ case since the early ’90’s has had one common thread- Prescribed Anti-depressant/SSRI meds.

  • Dave

    So you take away guns, what do you have ?… The same mentally ill people with intent to kill. Now they have Bombs, worst Chemicals… remember they’re still sick !!!!

    Also, try to take away guns from the bad guy, and see what happens !…… How can the protesters not think about this all the way ?

    • Sam Morgley

      OMG you must be one of those kooks that thinks that Obama is spying on you thru your microwave. Get off the drugs and take a look at reality.

  • Cowboy

    Guns do not kill!
    People kill!
    If it wasn’t for guns you would be dead or under Hitler!
    You people are messed up in the head.
    Drugs kill in more ways than one.

  • warningfakenews

    People intent on committing crime will still commit the crime using the easiest available method.

    The distribution of guns to the general population is not only the best way to prevent random acts of gun violence, but the guns can be used to stop almost any other methods criminals may use.

  • Cowboy

    Read about what Brazil is doing about crime. No more jail for them. We should do the same and clean our streets.

    • go ahead, make my day

      And that would be a happy day the the USA. Give all violent criminals a 30 day amnesty period to give themselves up or leave the country. After that, seal the borders to any of those that left and start the purge. The cops know who they are and where they are, let it happen.

  • black rifles matter

    And in other news, in less time it took for them to assemble and disperse, more babies were aborted and more innocent people were killed by drunk drivers. But this crowd is OK with that because they think there’s no problem with ripping infants from the womb or having a drink and getting behind the wheel.

  • seen it all

    Bunch of nothings , as they go home to do their booze/drugs, gambling and union/ govt. jobs that cause what they are protesting . Normal people are not out “protesting ” for some democratic lobby , I Call BS . Which nitwits left the AR-15’s become “legal” and why aren’t drugs and thugs simply jailed long term when caught with any weapon . Mental health needs to examine these “protestors ” . But at least the “semi” automatics will finally begone just by the inevitable conclusion of the stupidity behind selling them to the public .

  • Stoopid

    Guns guns guns. I

    A majority of mass shootings are committed by a person with mental health issues and their terrible parents that don’t get them the help they need

    • Jay

      So why do this happen all of the time in the United States but is extremely rare in every other developed country on earth???? No ones mentally ill in other countries?????

      • black rifles matter

        Other developed countries call them what they are: mentally ill – and put the dangerous ones away. Here in the bleeding hearts of America, we come up with ‘feel sorry for me’ names for them and tell everyone they’re just like everyone else. Until they go on a shooting spree. Then some people say we just knew this was going to happen, and the parents (or guardians) say they had no idea.

  • Archie Beal

    Lloyd what do you do for a living? I am inclined to believe NOTHING! You shouldn’t have an opinion…you welfare section 8 trailer park dwelling bum. Sounds about right.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Archie is just mad and exhibiting classic left wing response because I own him every time I decide I have time to engage his stupidity between taking a poo and wiping my azz.. Isn’t that right Archie? You’re just mad that I use you as a substitute for the TP?

  • Archie Beal

    I attended was in attendance of this rally….as you can see I am not alone in the protest of this out of control firearm issue that is,terribly plaguing this country…I am sure i f yo u watched the national news you would’ve seen protesting for this matter is taking place nationwide…I am confident our voices will be heard and the law makers will eventually readjust the 2nd ammendment as needed and the zealous gun will not be pleased when their proclaimed privilege is deservedly restricted…as I have stated in the past it will come to fruition…those that disagree are in denial…the carnage and nonsense needs to stop…we were informed today by several political figures in attendance that the NRA will be useless and have little effect once the democrats regain power…which is will become a reality in the future…people I urge you VOTE DEMOCRAT…we need to make a stand and we will succeed as we remain strong on our mission and bond together! People of this country are becoming sickened by the lack of a response from the GOP…they will offer their prayers….but prayers will not stop the violence…DEMOCRATS will!

    • sheere

      So you use the sadness from the tragedy in Fl to tell everyone to “Vote Democrat.”
      And you believe democrat officials telling you they will somehow destroy the Second Amendment. They might. Thats why I am voting REPBULICAN.

    • Bob Calvey

      Yo Archie when you dummycrat had the house the Senate and the Muslim terrorist for president what did you do about guns then o wait wait wait. That’s right NOTHING

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      You anti gunners always forget or intentionally leave out 2 minor but significant details: Conformity and Confiscation.

      Go ahead and repeal the 2nd. Fine.. Then what? The 2nd is the last and final stonghold for those of us that understand what built this country and what it takes to keep it. So go ahead and repeal it. Then come and take them.. You want to see every square inch of this country erupt?!?! We will honor and respect our forefathers over this to the death. Try to illegally take peoples personal private property (guns) like this.

      It all sounds good and your rallies are cute and you get all warm and fuzzy, but it will never happen. You’re being led on by every politician in your corner as well, because they all know that this is one line they cant cross.

      ‘Murica baby.

    • black rifles matter

      Blah, blah, blah. Hasn’t happened, isn’t happening, not going to happen. 2A is here to stay. And i doubt you were at any rally – you just like to stir the pot. People with common sense know the root of the problem, the wackadoodle bleeding hearts want a feel-good remedy and are trying to treat a symptom.

    • Chuck U Schumer

      I really hope this is a poor attempt at trolling because your argument makes no sense. The DEMS had the White House for 8 years and there were plenty of mass shootings then. Please go watch AM Joy or Rachel Maddog for more talking points.

    • go ahead, make my day

      Really want to see the next civil war then, don’t you? Because that’s exactly what will happen if a Dumb-o-crat tries to disarm everyone in the USA. Thank God we have the NRA and people vigilantly watching every move the anti-gun crowd makes.

    • Eric Barton

      What do you think the NRA is? I’ll tell you, its millions of Americans who together oppose people like yourself who think they can just “adjust” the constitution as they see fit.

    • Are You Kidding!?!

      The Democrat Party is not the Party of JFK, as some of you think it is. It is an Anti-American, Socialist(at best) Globalist Party. If you start calling them Communist, you would be correct. Sadly, most Democrat voters don’t realize they support Communism. They think it’s for the children. Pitiful.

  • Cowboy

    99 percent of people that kill with guns are high on drugs or it’s over drugs.
    You people get a life and work on crime in WB. You can’t even fix your own problems.
    The Second Amendment keeps my family safe.😎

    • Tom

      How many bad guys have you shot in defense of your family, Tex? Now compare that number to the number of innocent kids shot in schools. The Second Amendment doesn’t make your family safe, it puts them in peril.

      • black rifles matter

        How many innocent people are killed by drunk drivers? Let’s make drinking and driving illegal, that will stop it. Or let’s just get rid of booze altogether, that worked great in the 20’s.

      • Cowboy

        Vietnam vet and I didn’t count.
        If anybodybrakes into this house, they will be dropped.
        Bring you kids up right like I did and you don’t have to worry about it TOM!

      • ride on cowboy

        Preach it Cowboy. Some people will never figure it out. I’m come from a Gold Star Family and will fight to save what is right and good for this country. Too many of my family are on that wall in DC for me to let these goofballs win.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Ok. I watched the video. Yep, crap again.

    WNEP: Why Not Evoke Paranoia?

    A few things. The last person interviewed? Well, let’s just her say that her argument was immediately null and void once I saw her hipster liberal glasses. Anyone with those type of glasses and on the left, gets automatically disqualified from having an opinion!

    That’s a fact. Too liberal for any amount of reason to be injected into their psyche. The brain eating disease of liberalism that they have contracted has take hold for far too long.

    The doofus holding the yellow sign that states some retarded and regurgitated nonsense about people loving their guns more then their kids.

    Well, I love my kids very much and keep my guns to protect them at all costs.

    So F OFF!

    The lady complaining about the mentally ill looks mentally ill herself.

    The colored lady looks like she was imported just for the protest. Probably not a WB native.

    NYC or Philly maybe?

    These protest are all suspect!!!! They have agenda hidden within them that is easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.
    Some of the people there have pure intentions, but underneath it all there is a darker hand at work.

    All under the flag of “save the children”.

    You can’t get much more of a “pull at the heart strings” chant than that.

    Really sick of it.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli


    Is that even real?

    Ghetto thug on thug violence is certainly different than what happened in Florida.

  • Eddy's Tattoo

    oh, please. really? banned for suggesting that Congress can’t keep kids safe and that HIPPA laws need revision?

    Please, WNEP – relax your moderating algorithm. This is still the Land Of Free Speech, last I heard.

  • Mr. Pibbles

    Why don’t these delicate citizens take to Wilkesbarre’s streets and protest the drug dealing murderous thugs out of the city? You know….something that will actually help save lives. Not this nonsense.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Liberalism: Find a cure!!!

    The cancer is spreading!

    Oh and a rally for this in center city WB of all places??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Now that’s FN funny!!

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