Vigil in Sunbury for Florida School Shooting Victims

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SUNBURY -- In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida, a vigil was held in Northumberland County on Saturday to remember the victims and call for safer gun laws.

Organizers held the vigil in Sunbury after seeing yet another deadly shooting at a school in America. This time it was in Florida.

The message at the vigil: enough is enough, and lawmakers should do something to save lives.

"It is time for common sense legislation to stop the carnage."

The signs read "Enough Is Enough" as people stood in Cameron Park demanding change.

More than 100 strong made their voices heard in a call for lawmakers to put a stop to gun violence.

"There are some natural things that we have to worry about. Human beings have had to worry about measles and smallpox and things like that, but there are some human created things that we have to do something about, and gun violence is a human creation," said Shari Jacobson.

The group Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America held the vigil in response to the mass shooting that left 17 dead at a high school in Florida on Valentine's Day.

Organizers held a vigil back in December to mark the five years since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Those who came out demand state lawmakers enact safer gun laws to protect their communities.

"Something has to be done about it. We can't sacrifice our children because people are afraid that someone is going to take all of their guns away," said Mary Moser of New Columbia.

The deadly shootings inside schools have both teachers and parents worried.

Eileen Fangmann of Northumberland tells Newswatch 16 as a teacher she is concerned about her students' safety.

"It's always enough is enough, and it's not a one size fits all. It's not one solution, but we need to come together to solve this particular issue," said Fangmann.

"It keeps happening for lack of political courage out there, and when we rise up as a community, politicians will gain courage if we push them," said Scott Kershner of Selinsgrove.

Jack Nentwig of Sunbury was walking by the vigil before it started. As a gun owner, Nentwig believes schools and communities should pay more attention to warning signs.

"I would suggest when they see a kid like that they report him to the faculty instead of letting it go," Nentwig said.

Moms Demand Action supports political candidates who plan to make safer gun laws in Pennsylvania and the U.S.


  • Vlad Ulyanov

    Say we have gun bans, are those same bans going to be applied to the police?

    Why should the police need such guns if those guns are banned for everyone else?

  • The good ol' days

    In 1986 I took a 12 pump shotgun to school and used it for my “in class” report. I took my gun on the bus, down the hallway to my locker, then to class, and then back on the bus to go home. The topic of my report was how to clean and maintain firearms. I recieved permission from the school faculty and my bus driver with no problems. Wow have times changed huh?! I consider myself very fortunate that I was one of the last generations to enjoy school before it became snowflaked! Oh yeah…… and I recieved a 95% grade!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      As George Carlin called it, “The continued pussification of America.”

      A guy can’t be a guy anymore without being ridiculed. It results in pent up energy. It’s no wonder these kids do this.

      I mean, are we really that shocked anymore??

      Does this shyt even come as a suprise to anyone anymore?

      It doesn’t me.

      Just another day in the hood.

      What I really worry about are my kids. There not much of a shred of the childhood that you knew left for little kids these days to even know.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, I finally watched the video after it being for 2 days. I usually don’t watch any of the stories here because they are usually, well… crap?

    This one didn’t fail to let me down again.

    What a cesspool of liberal ninny garbage.

    Moms demand action!! Waaahh!!

    Imagine being the kid of one of those overbearing moms? For christ’s sake!

    I’d like to know how those professionally made signs and shirts showed up so quickly???

    Where’d they come from? Who says making money off of selling those puppies!?

    I’d have to wash after hanging around with that crowd. I’d be afraid of catching that type of thinking.

  • Lloyd "the naive" Schmucatelli

    There is competitive shooting in the Olympics and none of the olympians shot anyone.

    So is it really a gun issue?

    Or is it just the scary guns?

    • black rifles matter

      Just the scary ones. You know, the black ones. I wonder how many of them got their kids an XBOX or PS6-7/8 for Christmas with the family friendly games like Grand Theft Auto or Resident Evil?

  • gary haywood

    Ban Guns?? A gun,any make,any caliber cannot “on it’s own” kill anybody. Just as a fork or spoon can make anybody fat. An auto cannot make you speed. It’s take someone to pull the trigger, place food in your mouth or push the gas peddle!! When parents & teachers start teaching their kids common sense, paying attention to what kids are doing, watching,& who they mingle with nothing will change. Authorities WERE notified but nothing done. Don’t blame guns or any law abiding gun owner. Passing NEW laws won’t change anything! Hold negligent parents & Gov. officials responsible.

  • matt edwards

    WOW ! TO look at their faces it was a demoscum rally for hillary! truly sad they can’t admit the real problem here. the demoscum party who appoing liberal activists judges who gives every whack a mole, malcontent and illegal alien rights. nra has tried for 2 1/5 decades [25 years to you libs] to have mental health records included in background check!@ demos scums have stopped that. it’s whack a moles that kill people. latest shooting , fbi had several credible reports about whack a mole cruz but were busty trying to sink trump. juvenile authorities knew he was whacked. he sohouldn’t have been allowed a pea shooter. but lib judges gave HIM HIS RIGHTS !

  • DinoB

    Before these groups take Soros money, they should actually research. Guns aren’t the problem. In communist China, there are no guns (no rights either), yet this week, 30 people killed…not by guns, but by a knife. We have become so PC we can’t even discipline our children, nor can teachers. Parents need to be parents, not friends ….using the logic of the libs in this story, ban knives too?? Please. Instead of holding nonsensical signs and making yourself feel better, go into the community and lead by example. If not, go away already.

  • Cowboy

    Comes down to disarming the criminals and the mentally unstable!
    Why should I give up my right to protect myself and family for a few unstable families!
    Start executing the criminals. Don’t let the bad seed spread.
    Liberal democrats and lobbyists made it as it is today.
    Didn’t have this problem before and now the liberal democrats and lobbyists want to legalize marinara. Just adding more coal to the fire there, like you can’t see this!!!

  • look it up

    MAYBE if there was a shooting the kid was a SRA victum…satanic ritual abuse …Russ Dizdar and many others talk about and i think might be right,

  • Funny thing

    Funny thing about the Florida shooter: the FBI was tipped off about this guy back in January. Nothing was done. The local Sheriff was called to his home over 30 times in the last six years. Nothing was done. The nut-job had a ‘disturbing’ social media profile that give indications of his instability. Nothing was done. Why was nothing done on all accounts? Because our law enforcement agencies have been neutered and told not to ‘profile’ people. Our mental institutions have been defunded and dismantled. Parents and teachers have been labeled as abusers when they attempt to discipline children. I’ve got news for the smart-azz lady they interviewed-you’re not taking any guns away from anyone. Not going to happen. What needs to happen? Let our agencies put people away that need to be put away. Parents (plural) need to be parents and not their children’s best friend. And vigil holders need to figure out what they want. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. Suggestions? *crickets*

  • Perspective

    Almost five times more people died on the roads today across the USA than died in the V-Day school shooting. 100 more will perish tomorrow. Where’s the protest for EveryTown for Car Safety? Do these people know you are five times more likely to be killed in a car accident (in something designed to be safe)? I wonder how many people buckled up when they left the protest?

  • Roflmao

    I thought these mom’s hate rich people, but they seem to take well to the invitation of Bloomberg. That’s funny!

  • Jim Jenkins

    They always say the same thing “something” has to be done but never say what the something is. It’s because they have no idea, they are blaming the gun instead of the person.

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