Police Investigating Apparent Threats to Wyoming Valley West

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PLYMOUTH -- Police in Luzerne County are investigating a post made on social media with an apparent threat toward the Wyoming Valley West School District.

Swoyersville police took a teen into custody on Saturday after school officials found a photo of her shared on Facebook where she is holding two toy guns with a caption saying, "Wvw's next."


Newswatch 16 spoke with the superintendent at Wyoming Valley West School District and he said the teen was a freshman at the beginning of the school year but has been attending a charter school outside of the area since the start of 2018.

An attorney claiming to represent the girl contacted Newswatch 16 saying that she has been cleared of any wrongdoing, and the investigation is now focusing on someone else.

The superintendent said in light the recent mass shooting at a school in Florida, they are taking this situation very seriously and are also looking at other things they can do to keep their students safe.

"Certainly, from our end every school board member, every administrator, every faculty member, every community member, and every student wants a safe school, and that is our charge, and we will do it to the best of our ability to make each of our seven buildings safe each and every day," said Irv DeRemer, superintendent of Wyoming Valley West School District.

Swoyersville police are currently handling the investigation. The girl's name has not been released.


  • Dave Matichwa

    Facebook is a joke and so is anyone affiliated with it…a lot of problems compounded since the inception of Facebook…my opinion Facebook is for losers that need a life and hobby

    • FracingA

      I tell my Wife almost daily that she is a “Loser” for being on Facebook. Other than that our Marriage is pretty dang good. Facebook is just that pathetic that it is worth calling it out.

  • M m

    Can’t wait to see when they publish her name.
    There will be tremendous repercussions.
    I’m sure the kids there already know her and will spread it around fast

  • look it up

    maybe a cover for SRA satanic ritual abuse that why cops are told not to talk about it,,,Ted Gunderson investagated schools that did this.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    See the hysteria????

    Nerf guns and now she’s got a record.

    FBI gets a tip in Florida and doesn’t even investigate.

    Get FN real!!!

    Classic, after the fact over reaction nonsense.

    • Y

      I imagine there are lots of people in FL right now that wish someone had “overreacted” to the previous school shooting. Hindsight is 20/20. If she had ended up doing something you’d have been on here condemning the district over their inaction.

    • laura

      no swatting is calling the police for something the person has not done. this girl very much DID make this photo and caption

  • Paranoia self destroya

    Oh here we friggin go. This will be a everyday hassel now. Now the FBI will be putting all their important cases on hold for this stupid paranoia crap. Might as well waste some more tax money and create a HOMELAND FACEBOOK SECURITY DEPARTMENT.

    • Precaution is necessary.

      Every precaution is necessary with the world we are living in, which is awful, sickening and heartbreaking, but true. Nobody expects this to happen to them. It can happen anywhere. Extra precaution is not a “hassle”, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure these children are as safe as possible.

      • Educate

        These children need to be educated to SPEAK UP if they are feeling “off” about an individual/situation, not told that doing so is WRONG or can create some type of “hassle” or extreme paranoia. Paranoia/precaution/WHATEVER IT TAKES is what we need to keep these kids safe and alive. I bet Parkland didn’t think this would ever happen to them, a town voted safest in the state of Florida… This can happen ANYWHERE.

    • Be the change

      Are you serious… you must be one uneducated POS. I’m sorry, but my kids go to this district. I don’t care if she was kidding, playing, thought it was funny, etc…. these are the behaviors we need to CHANGE! When people stop being ignorant (like you) then we will see change. Until then… kids will keep needlessly dying. There will be more shootings, we will have to worry as we send our kids off to school. Be the change… open your damn eyes!

  • laura

    why bother to blur the pic we’ve all seen it on facebook. and by charter school what they really mean is alternative learning center because she couldn’t be in their school. maybe mom should idk be a mom? instead of making excuses and lies for the behavior on facebook try being a parent. seems like you’ve failed miserably at it so far

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