Flames Force out 12 in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE -- A dozen people are out of their homes after a fire in Wilkes-Barre.

Fire crews were called to the home on South Fulton Avenue around 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

Everyone made it out safely, but one cat is unaccounted for.

Wilkes-Barre's fire chief tells Newswatch 16 the snow and cold weren't the only obstacles.

"When we got here, you can see it's a really small street. Houses are really close here," said Wilkes-Barre Fire Chief Jay Delaney. "There were some challenges when we got here, but the fire was extinguished without anyone getting injured."

The Red Cross said it is assisting all 12 people with food, clothing, and a place to stay after the fire.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


  • Cowboy

    Was that one family of 12 living in one house?
    Or was it like 4 or 5 families living in one house?
    Was anybody at work at the time of the fire?

    • Give Me a Break

      Sure hope nothing bad like this ever happens to you and you have to come on and read comments about what a low life piece of trash you are. Are you at work now? How many people live in your house? Oh, thats right, its none of my business and thats none of yours. Now go and pat yourself on the back of your wal mart clothes cowboy, youre the lowest form of person in the area and displaying it proudly!

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