Professor Charged After University Officials Find Child Pornography on Work Computer

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BLOOMSBURG -- A longtime Bloomsburg University philosophy professor has been charged with possession of child pornography.

Dr. Scott Lowe, 57, has taught at the university for more than 30 years.

Lowe is a married father of four, now accused of possessing child pornography on his university computer.

“I don't, I don't even really know what to say. It's just uncomfortable, uncomfortable. A well-known, like, philosophical teacher is being arrested and charged with pornography. Child pornography mind you. Emphasis on the child!" said Bloomsburg University student Stephanie Bluffard.

According to arrest papers, it was earlier this month during a routine check of campus computers that an employee noticed malware and traced it to Lowe's desktop in his office in Bakeless Hall: an image of a young girl in her underwear.

Police and investigators with the Attorney General's office say they found even more pornographic images on the computer.

"I never would have thought that from someone like a professor who's really important to the school, they carry themselves a little better. You think so, but that's just shocking,” said Tyler Gockler, a Bloomsburg University student.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, Bloomsburg University's President Bashar Hanna said: "Everyone here at the university is shocked with the news of one of our professors. We have been cooperating with law enforcement."

"It's not something you want to hear about. Someone that's been here for 30 years, people look up to. It's terrible, it's a shame,” said William Fuller, a Bloomsburg University student.

Lowe is free on $250,000 bail.

Officials have also suspended Lowe from Bloomsburg University.


  • Whassat?

    It’s so cool how people down-vote an opinion but are too craven to offer WHY they disagree.

    Philosophy professors have it tough. They teach philosophy. That’s it. They don’t teach morals or ethics because anything can be debunked or verified through carefully worded philosophy. So, they are pretty much in the core of the cube when it comes to doing anything outside of their classrooms. In other words, without their tenure, they’d be driving deliveries for Papa Johns, or using drill presses in some manufacturing joint. But, in universities, they get it all. They get obscene salaries, benefits, adoration (by some), power, and an overblown sense of self-importance that is pathological. Why WOULDN’T this guy be doing whatever it was the he was doing?

    Frigging ICK

    • Creepus Meepus

      Looking back over the past 4 decades, it’s the study of philosophy and sociology that have allowed this society to fall into the toilet. Everything is acceptable because everyone is special and we’re going to make life fair for people that will simply fill the status quo. Expectations and ethics are simply words that begin with the letter, “e.”

      This guy’s just one of the leeches in the cesspool of higher education. It happens all of the time. It’s nothing new. And, it’s become acceptable and “understandable.”

  • Lloyd Schmicatelli


    I can’t help but wonder that on half this crap.

    Probably the last right wing professor left at the University. They couldn’t get him out and needed a way. I wouldn’t put anything past a lib.

    • wake up

      “probably the last right wing professor left”…this is typifies how you operate (as a micro Fox News). You have no information whatsoever. None. But you go ahead and make an inflammatory conclusion, with no basis in fact, which disparages entire groups of people. In your case it is just abject ignorance from an uneducated sad man stuck in his trailer, but in Fox New’s case it’s reprehensible.

  • Sue

    Hey, I know this guy and he is a really good person. It’s always possible that he’s guilty, but I don’t believe it. Remember – innocent until proven guilty. Let’s see how things go after he’s had a chance to defend himself. We all deserve that chance.

  • Naughtius Maximus

    Okay. This is a PROFESSOR, which means that he had to have completed courses, made the grades, and finished a Master’s Degree. And, this dumb POS downloaded kiddie porn on his WORK COMPUTER?!?!?!

    Just goes to show that edumakashun don’t make a body smart. What a effing retard………..

  • Socrates

    I feel guilty using the company computer at lunch time to check the weather forecast. This guy was OK to use a computer funded by tuitions to throw away a six figure job. Well, he’ll have plenty of time to write some more books. Remember folks, this was a person teaching our children how to think.

      • Socrates

        If that were true I would no longer be employed. Since you don’t know me or where I work, you’re talking out of your backside.

      • Socrates

        I know it might be hard for someone like yourself that finds it acceptable to goof off, stand around the water cooler, take an hour for a half-hour lunch, and take ten fifteen-minute smoke breaks; but there are actually people out there that still think they should actually work for their employer.

  • Just ahead of his time

    In ten or so years, maybe less, this behavior will not only be acceptable but praised by the LBGTQIAEIEIO NAMBLA crowd as being brave and courageous. He’s just ahead of his time now. Give it a few years.

  • Fun facts

    I love how this liberal educators think the rules should apply to everyone but them. Arrogant pompous jerks usually with the fake eyeglasses hanging on the tip of their nose.

  • One by one

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Love how Obama’s America is slowly disintegrating and fading into obscurity. Keep up the good work libbies.

      • One by one

        A hypocrite would be someone that called out someone else in a negative way, when they themselves partake in the same thing they condemn. Since I don’t enjoy looking at the things he does that does not make me a hypocrite. Nor do I support, defend, or condone a ‘CON’ (whatever that is) in the same situation.

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