PPL in Puerto Rico

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It's been about five months since Hurricane Maria ravaged much of Puerto Rico, but the images are still fresh in people's minds.  With 30% of the island still without power, people from all over the country are stepping in to help.  This includes 37 employees from PPL.

"Going really well.  The crews are busy every day.  They work long hard days," Tracie Witter said.

Tracie Witter is the Regional Affairs Director for PPL.  She spoke with Newswatch 16 via Skype from the San Juan area of Puerto Rico.  PPL is one of 18 electric utility groups on the island right now.  They got here on January 25th.  Witter calls the work challenging.

"Sometimes there will be a ravine where a pole had fallen and wires.  Our crews have to use weed whackers and machetes," Witter said.

The PPL employees are working in the middle of neighborhoods.  They've been able to restore power to more than one thousand homes, businesses, churches and schools.

"They couldn't be more thankful.  They thank them every day.  They drive by in cars and wave," Witter said.

The PPL crew is scheduled to return to Pennsylvania next week.  After that, another crew is set to go to Puerto Rico for 30 days.


  • matt edwards

    that;s not funny but is true !. maybe when ppl crews get back in the usa they will see some of the people they met in pr !

  • matt edwards

    makes me feel good to know my HIGH ELECTRICAL BILL IS PAYING FOR LAZY COCKROACHES IN PUERTO RICO TO GET THEIR POWER BACK. WHY AREN’T THE LAZY PUERTO RICANS USING MACHETES TO HELP RESTORE THEIR POWER ? their power system was bankrupt thru demoscum politician ineptitude b4 the storm hit. now i’m paying to restore their power ! thanks ppl !

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