Driver Sent to Prison for Rig Wreck that Hit Trooper

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MILFORD – A truck driver accused of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he crashed into a state trooper has been sentenced to state prison.

Cecil Lipscomb, 29, of Massachusetts, was sentenced to two to five years for crashing into a state trooper and two state police vehicles in January of 2017 on Interstate 84 in Pike County.

Lipscomb admitted to drinking before the crash. A blood test revealed cocaine was also in his system.

He pleaded guilty DUI and aggravated assault charges in December.

Lipscomb must also pay a fine of $3,175 and his driver’s license has been suspended.


  • Just saying

    People wreck big rigs everyday sober, where’s the proof that drugs and alcohol had anything to do with his judgement during this wreck? Some people drive better a little buzzed. Should we lock up the sober drivers 2-5 years also?

  • 😟

    Ok, I get he was under the influence and had drugs in his system. He deserves to be punished. But, why is it when you get hot by a police officer, they are not responsible to the damage to your car? It happened toy cousin. He was rear-ended by a cop, had a wheel chair in his trunk cuz he broke his leg,. Couldn’t get the trunk open and the cop basically told him it was his problem. He had to turn it in under his insurance which is a crock of sh@t. Can anyone tell me why that is right……anyone??

  • Tebow

    why is it that when they hit a law enforcement official they get two+ years for DUI/DWI, but when they hit someone or something else, they may only get probation and fines? Law enforcement upholds the law and protects and serves, not any better than a normal US citizen of the United States to receive special treatment because they were hit while on duty.

    • Fail

      Nice try, but a fail on your part. You’re comparing the average low-life local drunk to someone with a CDL. CDL holders are subject to much more severe penalties than the average low-life local drunk.

      • Tebow

        So you are saying that if this guy hit a pedestrians vehicle, he would still be sent to prison? I believe that to be a failure on your part.

      • Fail

        Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Look at Title 75 sections 3802 & 3803. You can cry about cops and alleged mistreatment all you want, but that’s the law. Read it.

    • Who Cares

      Listen to the intelligent, thinking people who know the truth. You’re always whining based on emotion. The guy had a CDL and was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.
      That’s why he’s going to prison for so long.

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