County Commissioner Discusses Investigation of Alleged Sexual Abuse at Prison

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SCRANTON -- President of the Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners, Pat O'Malley spoke with Newswatch 16 Friday about the Attorney General's case regarding alleged sexual abuse of inmates at Lackawanna County Prison.

O'Malley said that there was a lot he could not comment on because the case is still open but he said the county prison board called for the investigation back in 2016 when allegations came to light in a federal lawsuit.

"We actually asked for this investigation. We asked the District Attorney's office to actually do the investigation on the jail and they sent it to the Attorney General's office. And you know, at this point, they're in here and they're doing their job but we asked for this investigation. We did. So, the way I feel about it now is, you know, let the chips fall where they may," said Commissioner O'Malley.

Before he became a commissioner, O'Malley was a corrections officer at LCP.


  • Tip of the iceberg

    O’Malley looks like a deer in the headlights everytime Channel 16 interviews him. Of course when he’s not trying to run and hide from the camera/reporter. A little nervous Pat? Trouble sleeping lately?

    • Creepus Meepus

      As this nasty business is uncovered, some important heads are a gonna roll, you’d better believe it. This kind of behavior doesn’t just happen. It’s a pervasive, acknowledged, and routine part of DOC life, and it’s going to go to the very top of the ladder, here. Former prison guard is the Commissioner? I have no doubt that this porcine puke has first-hand knowledge of this type of behavior. Absolutely. Without a doubt. The guy’s going to fold or do something drastic.

  • The Cheese Will Wheeze

    “Before he became a commissioner, O’Malley was a corrections officer at LCP.” O’Malley is toast and he knows it.

  • Mr. Pibbles

    I won’t need to read anymore news stories for the next two years with this one getting busted wipe open! Give me a bag of popcorn and the WNEP posting page. This is going to get fun!

  • Roflmao

    Oh, this is gonna get good! Those CO’s better hope they turned out the lights, and no unique features were noticed! Convicts are awesome at remembering details.

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