Wyoming County Battles Opioids

TUNKHANNOCK -- Wyoming County has a new weapon in the fight against the growing opioid crisis.

"We are losing way too many of our kids to a substance use disorder with the primary substance of abuse being opioids," says Human Services Director Michael Donahue.

"Wyoming County Hope" is a new coalition that is calling on many of the county's resources to battle the issue.

"It's bringing agencies together to go at this thing, and that's what we need," says Wyoming County Emergency Management Director Gene Dziak.

Emergency Management says the group is particularly needed for a rural community where responding to emergencies can take a while.

"In order to combat these overdoses, time is not our friend," says Dziak

And although crews are equipped with Narcan to reverse overdoses, it isn't enough.

Wyoming County officials tell Newswatch 16 this coalition will work to identify causes and help find solutions to the opioid crisis here.

"I'm elated, that people want to get involved. that it's no longer someone else's problem, we've accepted it's our problem, now we have to come up with the answers," Donahue tells Newswatch 16.

Especially in a county that is seeing an increase in deaths associated with opioid use.

"It`s happening to more and more people. It covers all walks of life um social and economic it touches absolutely everybody," says Alan Thatcher, the Deputy Coroner of Wyoming County.

The coalition is partnering with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to analyze data and develop its strategy. The group's goal: to bring down the rising number of opioid-related deaths in Wyoming County to zero.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Wow! Snowflakes melting at an alarming rate! Reporting comments. Guess I have to post it again with a little more gusto.


    No amount of kum-ba-ya my lord will ever stop this.

    Neither will any legislation.

    This starts and stops in the home.

    Maybe some bullets in the heads of convicted drug dealers, in the town center, in front of the public will slow it down some, maybe not.

    But we don’t want to offend anyone….

  • Safe To Say

    For teenage addictions, prescribe Farkitol®™. Farkitol®™ can only be prescribed by a doctor who is fed up with parents and guardians pestering them to drug up children who seem hyperactive, inquisitive, and creative so the child will sit down, shut up, and be a good drone. If you cannot afford Farkitol®™, your municipal, County, and State governments will provide it to you.

    We are working on the third generation of ADHD/ADD people who are being drugged from the gate to control what is normal childhood behavior. This is the outcome of giving kids a pill when they’re 4. It’s the “opiods” that are the problem, here. It’s who’s raising these kids, and how. Where are they getting the money to purchase these drugs? Are they raiding their parent’s meds? How does a parent NOT know that their kid is abusing drugs?

    It’s everywhere. Take a pill if you’re sad. Take a pill if you’re tired. Take a pill if the other pill isn’t working as expected. Take some more pills when those pills cause a reaction. THIS IS WHERE these kids are learning to self-medicate.

    • Safe To Say

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      Ask your doctor or pharmacist about Farkitol®™

  • matt edwards

    let the junkies die. it seems if they know they have narcan they keep getting high, 2 young women overdosed in williamsport hospital parking lot. when queried why do it in the parking lot they said they knew they’d get revived! YEP. THAST’S HOW I WANT MY TAX DOLLARS SPENT ON JUNKIES. NOT LITTLE KIDS WITH ILLNESS’ THAT HAVE TO SELL COOKIES AND RAFFLE BASKETS BUT JUNKIES WHO WERE BORED !

    • Safe To Say

      I don’t wish for anyone to die like that, but the point is quite valid. These kids don’t care about anything other than what they think they want. I mean, how much weight does, “Don’t do drugs,” carry when mom pops a Xanax every 4 hours and dad can’t put his smart phone down long enough to eat a meal with his family instead of watching porn in the living room while his kids are playing gory video games? What kinds of examples and heroes do these kids have to look up to, these days?


      Hey Edwards its not all junkies who od our lad, you can take one xanex laced with fentanyl without knowing and be killed. The drugs are more powerful and laced with chemicals more than ever. Yes some are junkies but some are hard working people who end up dead after one mistake. You dont seem to knowledgeable of the situation.

      • Like Tic Tacs

        How would anyone get ahold of a Xanax that is laced with fentanyl? By taking pills that were not prescribed to them. That’s how. If someone is taking or buying medications that have not been prescribed to them, the burden if the consequences is on THEIR shoulders. Why would anyone want to roll the dice on fentanyl-laced Xanax, anyway? Don’t people realize that Xanax isn’t the frigging answer?

        Here’s the problem, in a nutshell. The U.S. produces 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals. The U.S. consumes 60% of the world’s pharmaceuticals. Now, that means that 60 out of every 100 people that you pass on the street is taking some kind of prescribed medication? Why are we the sickest, most obese, most diabetic, most allergic, and most drugged country on the planet? Because sick people make the medical industry thrive. If people are well and healthy, the medical profession (and, all of the suppliers, insurance carriers, etc.) will not be making billions of dollars in profits.

      • E

        Ha ha ha! Hard working people who only make one mistake. Ha ha ha! That is complete bullsh*t and you obviously use that as your “go to” life excuse. One mistake….one mistake, the typical self enabling excuse.

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