Trails for Tails Fundraiser

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- An animal shelter in Luzerne County will soon have a new space for both dogs and humans to enjoy.

Pups at the SPCA of Luzerne County don't know it yet but come summer, if they're still there, they will have a new place to walk and it's all thanks to Leadership Wilkes-Barre.

The organization trains people to become leaders and active participants within their community.

"Each year, Leadership Wilkes-Barre takes about 50 individuals from the community and we're broken down into five individual groups, and each group takes on a project," Amber Loomis explained.

Loomis' group "Trails for Tails" decided to help out the SPCA of Luzerne County.

"The leadership team that is working with us will end up building a memorial trail around our pet cemetery for folks to reflect on animals they've lost but it doubles as an opportunity for our volunteers to walk dogs in a safe environment and help reach our goal of every dog out every day," said SPCA executive director Todd Hevner.

In addition to the walkway, there will also be benches and sanitation stations.

And since this is such a big task, the group is still in need of donations.

"We need a border to be donated to go around the walking trail. Monetary donations are always great. That way we can get some last minute supplies that we may need and we are also in need of doggy waste stations and poop bags to fill the dog waste stations as well," Loomis said.

Leadership Wilkes-Barre is also holding an event this weekend to help raise money for the project.

"This Sunday, we're having cocktails for a cause, it's over at Kevin's Bar and Restaurant in Kingston. It's going to be a great event. It's $30 for tickets," Mark Angelo said.

There will be raffles, live music, plenty of food, and cocktails.

The group is expected to get to work on the trail as soon as Mother Nature throws them a bone.

"We're looking at late April, maybe the beginning of May, when the weather breaks a little bit so we can dig into the ground," Angelo said.