Man Dead Following 15-Hour Standoff in Monroe County

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A standoff is over and a man is dead nearly a day after he held off police in Monroe County.

Police now say Michael Rogers, 63, appears to have taken his own life. This comes after a standoff on Glenbrook Road near Stroudsburg that lasted for more than 15 hours.

Investigators say it this all started when officials tried to evict Rogers the day after Christmas.

Authorities say Rogers barricaded himself in the home on Wednesday when they showed up to carry out an arrest warrant.

Police say the situation started last year when constables showed up to carry out an eviction notice the day after Christmas.

Constables saw Rogers' windows were covered and a sign he posted threatening anyone who entered with deadly consequences.

Rodgers also left a packet of documents which contained more threats.

Constables, fearing for their lives, left without carrying out the court order.

Investigators say over the next several weeks, police contacted Rogers to try to resolve the situation, but he refused any help and to leave the home.

An arrest warrant was issued charging Rogers with obstruction and terroristic threats.

Police spotted him outside Wednesday morning and tried to arrest him. However, he was able to get back into his home, starting a standoff that lasted until 2:30 Thursday morning when police entered the home and found Rogers dead.

Again, the standoff is over, and the suspect, Michael Rogers, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Police say Glenbrook Road from Norton Road to Vineyard Road will be closed for the next few hours while they investigate.



    Evicting someone 1 day after Christmas from their home, their shelter…seriously! I’m not making excuses for his threats and bad behavior but when someone is pushed and threatened to be kicked out onto the street their desperation must take over and drive them into madness. All about money, no-one has a heart anymore. Very sad.

  • Cindy Blake

    This is real people! Monroe county has not only some of the highest property taxes but the highest foreclosure rates around!! Sad that the school districts can not live within their means and stop wasteful spending!! We did and got voted out!! Such a shame.

  • Get it together

    This is sad for not just this gentleman but so many that worked their whole lives and they own their home and the government can come in at anytime and take it from you, disgusting!! My mother has been gone for 14yrs now and I wont transfer the house into my name bc I refuse to pay inheritance tax

  • Robert Leon

    Where was he supposed to go? Remember Rocky out in Ross Township? If you threaten a person too poor and helpless with living on the street, the consequences are the responsibility of those who tried to make that happen, not the person who refused tto die homeless.

  • So Unfair

    My Mom gets very little Social Security and is a Widow, lived in her home 40 years, her taxes have gone up tto half her yearly Social Security. Why shoud she have to give up her homestead ? To old to get a job, and yet they keep raising and taking, what a dang shame Mom and others cannot even keep their homes they lived in years and years, when Elderly and on a fixed income ! The Founding Fathers, wanted to get away from the bondage of the King of England when they founded this Country, now for my Mother, and others like her, the New King of England is the School District, if you can’t keep up with the taxes, they take your home ! Such a shame the Elderly get their homes taken for taxes, when the do not even have any kids in Shool ! And Gov. Wolf has not done anything about it, his Lt. Governor ended the advancement of Property Tax Reform with his vote a few years ago as the deciding factor !

    • Writer Girl

      Well, maybe your mom should have saved for rainy day, get a job, and blah, blah, blah. Wolf may not get re-elected, but I doubt things will change much in PA.

    • Gram 1969

      I agree with you wholeheartedly ! I think if you don’t have children in school why pay school taxes ? Yes we should pay FAIR property taxes- after all we do own a home & we should pay our bills- this poor man was driven over the edge taking what he worked his entire life for to keep – why can’t municipalities work these issues out with people so you don’t end up homeless or a statistic as this man has now ? School teachers &,other workers get paid good salaries – why do us tax payers need to dig deeper into our pockets to make their income higher as ours get lower or stagnate if we don’t get raises ? And for senior citizens – not everyone in the older years are fortunate to have that ” golden best egg” – so don’t judge this man or any other person because they are poorer – this is a sad story with a very sad ending –

    • Writer Girl

      Yes, it continually amazes me that citizens always have to do right, obey the laws or pay the consequences, but the powers that be, will bend over backwards to help “the children” of welfare rags (as if you have to have children you can’t afford), find jobs for criminals and give everything from a place to stay to medical insurance for illegals, but Americans must pay and pay and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Like people said here, this BS has got to end!

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