Hospice Groom Dies

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GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER – A hospice patient who fulfilled his dream to be married last week has died, according to officials at Geisinger Medical Center.

Donald Jett, 50, married his fiancée Julie Brown, 49, in his home on Friday. Jett and Brown knew each other early on in life and recently reconnected in the past few years.

Jett, a hospice patient battling kidney and heart disease, said he always wanted to marry Brown.

Nurses and other staff members planned the entire celebration and provided the bride’s wedding gown, tiara, flowers, and food.


  • Ban All Jessicas

    This is becoming a nasty trend to post these “final moments” stories about people who are dying and get married moments before they expire. This is the furthest thing from “dignity” that I can imagine. The world doesn’t need to know about everything that everyone does. Why is every facet of every person necessary to announce?

  • Archie Bean

    Another senseless death due to gun violence; how much more do we have to endure before we get our way and ban the second amendment and make all guns illegal? No longer should we have to live in fear of respectable gun owners practicing safe gun handling. The constitution is a living document meant to be reinterpreted by us folks who thing they are smarter than gun owners. If they would just get with the program and obey the government we would all be living happy safe lives under the crushing boot of authority on our necks! Call your senators and councilmen to enact gun banning legislation today!

  • 😟

    It’s sweet and sad all at the same time. It’s sweet they were finally able to get married but sad cuz he died about a week later. May Mr. Jett RIP. Condolences to his wife Julie!

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