Police Surround Home in Stroud Township

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Police have been outside a home near Stroudsburg for several hours but haven't released many details about why they are there.

Stroud Area Regional Police aren't saying much, but they did get a search warrant for a home on Glenbrook Road in Stroud Township.

Police vehicles have been blocking both entrances of Glenbrook Road between Vineyard Road and Norton Road for several hours.

State police can also be seen setting up perimeters in this area near Stroudsburg.

Authorities say a man barricaded himself inside his house but haven't given a reason as to why.

Newswatch 16 could hear police setting off flashbangs and talking to the man inside the house, telling him to "come outside with your hands up," and saying, "this is a situation you created by not paying your taxes."

People who live in this area say they haven't seen police activity like this in a while.

"Unusual for the neighborhood, of course, but things like this happen. It's very unfortunate when they do, but you just deal with it," June Smith said.

This situation started around 11 a.m. Wednesday.


  • John Paszko

    The man was foung dead in his home. Probably a result related to the property tax issue which should have been resolved years ago. School districts where is the gambling money from the casinos that was suppose to eliminate property taxes in Pennsylvania??? You are going to keep stealing people’s homes from senior citizens, veterans and the poor so you can enjoy you $130,000 a year salary? You are dispicable and need to live within your means! No one has the right to take one’s home away from him who grew up in there. We don’t live in North Korea this is America! Harrisburg legislators I urge you to act fast and get rid of the property tax in Pennsylvania and remove the taxing authority from all school districts. John.

  • Travis

    So he. Doesn’t own his own home then? The home he paid for he can be kicked out of. Yep really sounds like he is the one that owns the home, oh wait sounds more like the government owns the property he purchased he just gets to rent it.

  • Chris

    Funny how when State Constable Salter had this order of possession roughly 3 weeks ago they (PD) said this was a “civil matter” and refused to assist the Constable when he arrived to find notices posted of threats of violence to law enforcement or anyone who tried to enter the property to remove him… Now all of a sudden they are willing to get involved??

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