Icy Roads Cause Delayed Commutes

LENOX TOWNSHIP -- Icy road conditions made for a slow and painful commute Wednesday morning for many drivers traveling on Interstate 81.

There were several accidents on the busy roadway. The northbound and southbound lanes were both closed between the Lenox and Lenoxville exits for hours.

Workers traveling to the Williams Compressor Station in Brooklyn Township experienced bumper-to-bumper traffic.

"We waited for about an hour, almost an hour and a half. Then we finally just turned around, found a turnaround spot and turned around and came back the other way," Les Bursell said.

"The route I usually take was blocked due to an accident. The second route I might take was blocked due to an accident with cars that had crashed. The third route finally I was able to make it," said Bryan Adkins.

One man traveling to Susquehanna County from Clarks Summit was quick to hit the brakes.

"When I left the house, it had about an inch of ice all the way down the hill coming to get to Route 6, and it was pretty slippery. I had to put it in neutral and just let it roll and pump the brakes to stay on the road," said Richard Capps.

Delayed arrivals affected production at the Williams Compressor Station.

"People typically get here around 6:30 or 7 to start their shifts. Personnel on average probably arrived about an hour and a half late, which impacted our production today," Adkins said.