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Heart-shaped Steaks for Your Valentine

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Inside Gary's Meat Market near Stroudsburg, you'll find a variety of meat in the line of cases, but every year during the week of Valentine's Day, a very special cut is sold – heart-shaped ribeye steaks.

"It's a great concept," said Jason Damato. "I am sure it will be amazing as most of the meat is here."

Owner Gary Oney says he's been slicing these ribeyes into hearts for the last 10 years, and if you ask him where he came up with the idea, he says it was all a happy accident.

"I just got looking one day and I happen to cut one and I said, 'Hey, that looks really nice,' so we kept doing it."

Because Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday, some people are saving their heart-shaped steaks for later this week. But don't worry, if you're not eating meat, there is plenty of seafood to keep your sweetheart dinner covered.

Oney says the double-up on Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday isn't hurting his heart-shaped sales.

"We sell a lot of them. I am going to say several cases this week, so it's decent," Oney said.

"It's definitely different. I love the idea and I am going to get a couple now," said Damato.

"I think they look great, nice on the grill," Pam Hennessey said.

Butchers at Gary's Meat Market say they will sell heart-shaped rib eyes through the weekend.

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  • Avenge Hector the Turkey

    People, just because Valentine’s Day is on Ash Wednesday, doesn’t mean you break the fast and abstinence. Steak on Ash Wednesday? Give me a break.

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