People in Tamaqua Upset Over Proposed Food Stamps Cuts

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TAMAQUA -- Part of President Donald Trump's proposed budget for next year would mean cuts to the food stamp programs.

His plan is to reduce the food stamp program by more than $200 billion over the next 10 years. One of the biggest changes President Trump is proposing is to reduce the amount of money issued to people who use food stamps and replace that money with packages of food delivered directly to their homes.

There are a number of people who live in Tamaqua who use food stamps, including Laurie Nothstein.

"There isn't much to like about it because they're making cuts all the time, and it's cutting everybody out of everything," Nothstein said.

She and other people who use food stamps told Newswatch 16 they are unhappy to learn about the proposed cuts to the program. This week, President Donald Trump announced his proposed budget for next year, which included a $17 billion cut to the "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program" known as "SNAP" or food stamps.

"I think these cuts are stupid," Milton Davis of Tamaqua said. "He said he's going to make America great again, but he's not. He's destroying America by messing with his own people."

President Trump plans to change the program so that food stamp users would receive a combination of food stamps and packages of food delivered directly to their homes. Tammy Schock of Tamaqua said she doesn't know that the food she would get would be the same as being able to shop on her own.

"I mean, I appreciate what I get, but don't give me outdated food," Schock said. "Come on, we're no guinea pigs."

Another part of President Trump's plan for the food stamp program would also require able-bodied adults to take part in a work program to receive their benefits.

We should note, there are plenty of comments supporting changes to the food stamp program on a post we put on the WNEP Facebook page.


  • Dawn Keybauls

    If trump cut my food stamps, how I take my kids to mcdonalds every day then? I don’t have time to cook, and the schools should send food home with my kids, and we should be getting more food stamps every month, not less

  • Lori

    People quit complaining its time to actually get a job and stop expecting handouts all the time the people that do work pay for those things such as food stamps etc so you can sit your ass at home and do nothing when their are plenty of jobs out their to be had stop sucking off the system time to grow up people and learn to work for what you get

  • matt edwards

    we are rapidly turning into a country of panhandlers! my GOD don’t people plan for their ow2n upkeep. a woman in lock haven mooching food from the food bank ‘LIKES HER TV AND PHONE’. wonder if she has the basic plan for each! hey tammy if you’re worried about the food you’ll GET FREEEE PAY FOR YOUR OWN FOOD MOOCHER !

  • Bill

    It’s all abuse I’m tired of busting my ass being responsible and seeing these lowlife welfare pos people getting my hard earned money. Time to take care of the people who are responsible

    • coach

      the women gets money to pay the rent and bills, the baby’s Daddy might work but they don’t report it to welfare but still lives in the home, the mother stays at home to keep having more Baby’s, then at tax time the mother gets thousands for each kid, its called welfare fraud.

  • kasy

    OMG – what horrible hatred in these comments – good grief – you people are just awful horrible humans. Shame on the lot of you.

    • matt edwards

      GROW UP HONEY ! you can pay my taxes to provide for their freeeeeeeeebies. food ! rent ! healthcare ! child care ! Christmas presents….. want me to stop honey ?

  • Jess

    How can you even complain??? You don’t go to work everyday and bust your butt for everything you need. You get a hand me out and complain about it. You should try going to work everyday to pay for the food you need and want. Sick of people complaining and don’t even lift a finger to get what they have. Get off your lazy zzzz get a job and work for your food. Stop making excuses

    • coach

      I repeat, the women gets money to pay the rent and bills, the baby’s Daddy might work but they don’t report it but still lives in the home, the mother stays at home to keep having more Baby’s, then at tax time the mother gets thousands for each kid, its called welfare fraud.

  • Vickie Henderson

    Did anyone ever see the screen at the grocery stores it gives access card holders a lower price, I don’t mind for the people that can’t work but this shi* is real check it out!

  • Roflmao

    Experiment? Who said anything about experiment. I’d straight up give them a choice. Dog food, Cat food or a JOB.
    Your free to choose.

  • Milton Davis

    This is BS, real men don’t have jobs any real man knows that! Time to cap dat ash, get a job? You a FOOL!

  • Get a job lazy slob

    I think all food stamps should stop go get a job lazy get hand outs only if you really are needy or have a problem don’t just be a slob and take advantage of people who do bust there ass at work there are jobs out there go get one

  • are you kidding?!?

    Just ban soda, snack food, candy, etc., and other non-nutritious food from the program and they will have plenty of money for “food”.

  • laura

    “I mean, I appreciate what I get, but don’t give me outdated food,” Schock said. “Come on, we’re no guinea pigs.” but it’s ok for those who work and pay taxes for you to have foodstamps to have to live that way? as for the requiring able bodied people to work to receive the foodstamps what’s wrong with that? bill clinton had that policy in place years ago and it got a lot of people working

    • Just another tax payer

      The only answer is they just simply hate Pres. Trump. It was OK for Clinton to have oral sex in the Oval office, loosed his law license for lying to a grand jury, lie to the Nation on National t.v., get impeached but because he was left wing liberal Democrat all that was purely acceptable, no problem even cutting food stamps. Detect a biased here perhaps?

  • melissa evans

    So the ones who do what you are suppose to do are going to hurt in the end. I have health problems and can only eat certain fighting cancer and other health problems. Are you going to buy me the things I can eat or food I’m allergic to

    • E

      Fighting cancer huh? How many years have you been a pack a day, or more, cigarette smoker? It’s guaranteed you are like the rest of the NEPA “females” I’ve encountered, constantly “messed up” on pills with a cigarette dangling from their lip while running their mouth. Almost every person I have ever had to tolerate from NEPA is human garbage and therefore deserves to get cancer.

    • Nikki1012

      Melissa,did you ever hear of trading? You can trade food with your friends and use the food stamps they are providing to buy food you can eat. Sorry, but even you can get a job, even if it’s part-time, working at home. I am sure you have an expensive cell phone and it’s obvious you have internet service, neither of which is a real necessity. Get your priorities straight

  • Dorothy hartney

    WNEP, you are so one sided when you report news. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves democrats!!!! You only show comments of “elderly” people who might be affected! How about reporting on all the the people who abuse the food stamp program, not the few elderly people who need them! How about reporting on the amount of obese people who are getting food stamps! Obviously you are not starving!! Why should I continue to pay for your poor food choices and allow you to be even more obese so then I can pay for your health care???? WNEP, can you please try and stop manipulating what you report for your political agenda? It is nauseating!

    • Just another tax payer

      I agree. I posted a comment about how our Church feeds hundreds of people from donations of anything they need but you won`t see it here on WNEP, it does not fit their ideological left wing liberal Trump hating agenda.

    • Joe Crea

      Did you guys notice how they went to Tamaqua for reaction? Like they knew they’d be stirring the pot. WNEP – stay up in your S**thole area of Wilkes-Barre or Scranton and leave us “real” Coal Region people alone….Don’t believe me? Yeah –
      Nanticoke and West Pittston and Plymouth – real shining stars of the Pennsylvania galaxy. Get lost WNEP… use us like we’re the ugly stepchild when reporting….

      • laura

        they chose tamaqua because by ratio according to wnep it has the higher number of recipients. probably more because they didn’t want to get shot but i digress. it’s not hard to understand why there would be a higher need in tamaqua. there’s no jobs. biggest employer is walmart for crying out loud. little minimum wage jobs and not a lot of them

  • mopar driver

    What ? Welfare recipients up in arms ? So What ? Oh what a great plan , Most would simply receive a package and it’s value to trade for drugs would be so low , Some might have to go to work to buy their drugs ?
    Of course all the neighbors would be stealing packages on delivery day and others claim not to have received it to get double .

  • Peddler

    Used to only be a couple places you didn’t want to go back in the early 2000’s. Tamaqua was one of them places because they had the most mainline drug users per capita as covered by WNEP around June of 2002? Lets go there for an interview after the new opioid epidemic and see what they say about food stamps. Brilliant.

    • Peddler

      See how many of them go out back of the store to trade groceries for drugs or cash. You people pointed this out to me before the internet got big. Thank you?

    • laura

      they did something similar to this years ago with cheese and canned goods if i’m not mistaken. they people had to go to a certain place and pick them up. not many workers required for delivery that way

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